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Monday, August 04, 2008

Powderville To Become A Reality?

The Powderville Saga has been ongoing for more than a year and it seems as though things will come to a head during the Weber County Commission meeting Tuesday morning (10 am @ the Commision Chambers).

It sounds like Round 2 of a scheduled 5 round bout will begin Tuesday at noon as the Commissioners are implying their only choice is to approve the Powderville Incorporation. We strongly disagree and urge the commissioners to stand up for the Constitutional rights of their constituents and say "Hell No" to our greedy neighbors. We are certainly not holding our breath as the county will likely be on the wrong side of a pending, lengthy legal battle, and we are betting Powder Mountain will not tapout anytime soon.

Don't miss the latest update compliments of our friends at the Weber County Forum today, and don't miss the unveiling of the new Powderville Mayor. Could it be "Dr. C?" (Alvin Cobabe), Ogden Valley Planning commissioner Jamie Lythgoe (granddaughter of Dr. C)? Rickie Stearman?

The next episode of our evolving soap opera should be exciting - arrive early for what is sure to be a packed house.

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better....

1 comment:

Caesare said...

If the Weber County Commissioners do not stand up for their constituents by refusing to approve the Incorporation, all Weber County voters should take note and vote for new Commissioners in the future.

The first duty of the Weber County Commission is to protect the citizens of the County. By hiding behind HB466, they are caving to the development interests and not representing their constituents.