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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Josh Pack Spinal Cord Injury Update

We just received this update from Richard Sorensen of Huntsville (we have added a link to the Standard Examiner article describing the accident):

Most Valley residents are aware of the unfortunate diving accident about ten days ago when 18 year old Josh Pack fractured his 5th vertebrae while recreating with his family at Pineview. Josh is the son of Cord and Lisa Pack of Eden and is an incredible young man.

Josh is still in the McKay ICU unit and during a visit today I asked Cord what could be done for Josh and their family. Cord's simple reply was, "Visit this web site and leave some comments for Josh." He also wanted me to spread the word of the site as his family reads the posts to Josh daily and Josh looks forward to hearing from Valley residents.

Will you please help spread the word to encourage everyone to stay updated on Josh's recovery and to post comments that will be read to Josh?

Thanks, Richard

We at the forum are glad to help and wish Josh a speedy and thorough recovery.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


I am so happy that you understand that even without the full use of your body you can still be happy! That is something I had to learn later. You are so gifted.

I think I know at least some of the things you must be feeling. I know it seems unfair but your challenge know is to play a good game with the cards you have been dealt. That is my challenge as well. We are in this together. I'm sure there is a lot I don't understand.

Don't let this obstacle beat you, you beat it, for the both of us k?

Your partner in hardship,
Candace Storey