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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Horse Theft in Ogden Valley Friday - Watch for White Ford Excursion

Updates below:

While we are awaiting more details, we are posting a heads up to Ogden Valleyites to keep your eyes peeled for any suspicious activity such as someone with new horses. Sadly, we received this email this morning:

There were 2 horses stolen today (Friday, August 29, 2008) around 9:00 A.M. from Lori Lewis & Mike Twitchell's home on River Dr. in Eden. The horses are a pony size sorrel gelding and a small buckskin mare. They also took all of the riding gear for these horses. An eye witness saw a 2006 or so white Ford Excursion pulling a blue 2 horse trailer at Lori & Mikes home loading the horses and pulling away.

If anyone remembers seeing this rig today or has seen these horses please call the Weber County Sheriff or Mike and Lori @ 330-4607.

From another message we received:

They believe it was done by someone in the valley and hope that the horses might still be in the valley. Although the CSI team was up and did fingerprints and they are investigating, the fact is that the horses could be transported somewhere very quickly.

Please contact the Weber County Sheriff''s department immediately with any information.

Blogmeister Update - 8/31/08 @ 12:15 am

We just received the following via email:

Just so you know the Weber County Sheriff "does" know who's Ford it was and who's trailer it was. They are investigating where the horses are. I talked to them personally because it was my trailer that was borrowed. Just so you don't get everyone in an uproar the Sheriff has it under control.

Blogmeister Update - 8/30/2008 @ 1:30 PM

We just received a more detailed description:

Stolen Horses!! From North River Drive, Eden, Utah!!

17 year old 13 hand sorrel gelding, white hind sock, split right ear, and a white stripe down his face.
Seven year old buckskin mare, long mane and forelock.

Witnesses observed a white Ford Excursion pulling a blue straight load horse trailer from the home on Friday morning at approximately nine or nine-thirty. The horses may still be in Ogden Valley or may have been transported via this trailer down the canyon at some point during the day on Friday.

Please call Weber County Sheriff if you have information or Adriane at 1-801-726-9442

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone-update on my stolen horses-we know they were transported down the canyon on friday-a white truck was pulling the trailer followed by the white excursion-an eyewitness saw the driver of the excursion and recognized the 2 horse trailer.Journey needs his medication and I am extremely distraught that he may be in trouble.I have had him 15 years and he is like my child.I hope no one has to suffer the pain I have over the weekend-today is my birthday and their will be no celebration until my babies are safe at home.Thank-you for everyones help and all the tips you have given the sherriff.God Bless everyone for their efforts-LORI