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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Salt Lake Tribune Editorial Board Finally Weighs In On The Powderville Debacle - Powder Mountain Investors Beware!

It seems as though the local papers are jumping on the anti Powderville Incorporation band wagon. Yesterday, we highlighted an excellent Standard Examiner editorial on the topic and today the Tribune chimed in.

Also, be sure to read Curmudgeon's insightful post on the topic.

What say ye humble Ogden Valley supporters?

We say it's time for all residents, Valleywide, Countywide and Statewide, to support our Powderville residents in a lawsuit to defend their Constitutional rights.

Any takers? Or givers?


A Powdervillian said...

The Weber County Commission is obligated by law to appoint a representative government to the Powder Mountain Town council. Since a vast majority of the citizens signed petitions against the formation of the town that has to be at least a four to one margin. The developers have held the Powdervillians hostage with their extortionist tactics for long enough.

Some say the developers will sue the county to control the town council; can they afford to wait another 2 years for a resolution through he courts? I would say they had better come up with a plan to deal with the locals who will be in control of the town in the near future. Or will they pull the petition and make nice-nice with the county?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if Alvin Cobabe et al are still owed money for PM in the form of second mortgage or final payment? If so, that explains why a man, known in the past for his dignity and honor, is letting himself by used as a puppet by the developers.

As for Erin Stokes she is illegally harboring three apartments in a single family home so what does she care for ethics and the rule of law?

Whistler said...

My guess is the Cobabe family will profit big time if this incorporation is done. Why else would they see that Jamie Lythgoe was there to work inside the OVPC process? The break that the citizens got was that she still could not stop the 19 conditions from being part of the rezone. When Powder Mountain realized she could not control the outcome, they filed for incorporation without the rezone even going before the Weber County Commission.