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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Senator Bramble Goes Off On Pizza Delivery Girl

As luck would have it, after posting the Standard Masterpiece this morning in which the Editors hinted (or strongly suggested) that we should get rid of our State Legislators, we caught this story on the late news.

The ever pompous Senate Majority leader, Curtis Bramble, showed his true colors a few nights ago by going off on an innocent pizza delivery girl who informed him she could not take a check. After the tirade, the young lady made a valiant stand by blowing the whistle on this jerk and the timing could not have been better in light of the upcoming elections. She tells the story on her once quiet blog entitled "Cartoon Brick Wall," and we think the blog title may be appropriate as Bramble's reelection campaign probably hit her brick wall.

Check out the blog and comments here, as her site is heating up the blogosphere!


Bramble among many said...

Bramble is only one of many who are arrogant bottom feeders living off simple and apathetic people in Utah.

He collects graft and "campaign donations" from every source, as do Curtis, Valentine, Killpack, Niederhauser, Froerer, and about 60% of the current Senate and House Representatives. The largest lobby and special interrest money by far is NOT as you would guess. It is NOT the Utah Education Association although they are huge. It IS the Utah Realtor Association, which has been writing laws favorable to themselves and killing off bills which protect you and me from their offensive greed.

In short, they have been running this State for a decade or more now. If you believe Curtis, Valentine, Bramble, Froerer and all the others are doing a good job, vote for them again in November. If not....suck it up, while they continue to basically racketeer and scheme - running Utah into the ground with unnecessary and gross taxation and laws like HB 466 the Realtor/Developer's dream bill.

Froerer, by the way, sponsored his first bill in 2006. It was to allow developers to bypass local planning commissions. Suck it up District 8. You have elected a self serving Real Estate business owner. The goat is in the garden. And it is up to you to get him and all the rest out if you plan to be able to live in this State.

frankc said...

Bramble is just the lead buffoon among that collection of buffoons we like to call the Utah Legislature. Turn the bums out.

frankc said...

Oh, and I forgot: a check is by no means the same thing as cash, even if Bramble says so. Any alleged CPA that says something that stupid should be avoided as a CPA at all costs. Unless he and his cronies pass a new law that says the two are the same just because Curt says it is....

Pizza deliverer said...

"But I'm a Public figure..." Yea right Curt (Bramble).

You are a Methodist, who went to Notre Dame a Catholic School, and married a Mormon and attended BYU. Add to that you are Senate majority leader and one of the leaders of the Mormon/BYU mafia in the legislature. You lead the pack of corrupt butt wipes, who accept hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribery money disguised as "Campaign finance donations" from special interests.

So I am a pizza delivery person and I should trust that your personal check is good. Yeah...RIGHT!