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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Commission Meeting Reminder

Just a brief Tuesday morning reminder of the Weber County Commission meeting this morning:

10:00 am

Weber County Commission Chambers

2380 Washington Blvd

Ogden, UT

The agenda was finally available Monday on the County web site, even though it is dated August 14, 2008 and the county site states that it will be posted by the Friday prior to a meeting. We think it is a fairly important meeting that should be posted more than the minimal 24 hour state required public meeting notice, especially since it appears to have been available last Thursday. Time and time again, important agendas are not available for public viewing and we all should demand answers from our County Leaders.

Our tantrum aside, two important Ogden Valley issues stand out on the tardy agenda (we will paraphrase for brevity):
  1. ...appointing a member to the Ogden Valley Planning Commission.
  2. ...appointing a Mayor and Town Council for the town of Powder Mountain.

Now two mysteries abound - which planning commissioner is being replaced mid term? Certainly it would not be 'no conflict' Jamie?

And who will lead our company town - the town we call Powderville.

Be the first to find out and see you in the chamber!

1 comment:

Squirt said...

As a resident of Weber County and Ogden Valley, I wonder why all the shady dealings regarding the members of the Ogden Valley Planning Commission? Why are their names not posted on the County Website? Why aren't their County telephone numbers and e-mail contact information posted on the Weber County website? These are public servants appointed by our elected representatives and they try to keep their names hidden to minimize public contact.

The Ogden Valley citizens have a right to know who is going to make decisions that impact their lives.