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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Utah's newest town and The PERPS Chosen Six - Welcome to Powderville, aka Powder Mountain Town

UPDATE: August 6th @ 10 am: This mornings Standard and Deseret News offer a few more details of yesterdays landmark decision.

We have to give the PERPS credit as their script remains unchanged and is sounding much like a scratched record. Their list for Mayor and Council members has a striking resemblence to that of the original petition for incorporation.

We nailed three of their choices during last nights post:

Alvin Cobabe (90+ years old) - Powder Mountain Founder

Council Members:
LaVar R. Lowther- Alvin Cobabe's Grandson

Jamie Lythgoe- Alvin Cobabe's Granddaughter and Ogden Valley Planning Commission member

Rick Stearman (USAF Col -ret.) Powder Mountain Road resident and member of the Powder Mountain Ski Patrol

Erin Stokes - Was involved in golf at Wolf Creek and a real estate agent. Was head of the host program at Powder Mountain...and has already laid her cards on the table.

Steve Moisen


Anonymous said...

Looking at this list tells you even more of what's going on. There is no representation of the common people here, just puppets to the developers. It makes me sick to see the democratic process get trampled like this and honestly makes me want to "take up arms" against the developers. Having all the money does not put you in the right and the SOB driving this trainwreck should be made to feel the wraith of the people of Ogden Valley. I am also very ashamed to see a retired member of our armed services taking part in such a debacle. I quess he never learned what it truly means to serve your country nor the value of true democracy. Shame on you Mr (cannot bring myself to use your former rank which you have now disgraced)Stearman.

Retired Major said...

Erin Stokes, is a Realtor for Century 21. District 8 Representative Gage Froerer owns and operates Century 21. And he served as the President of the Utah Realtor Association. He was financed and run for office in 2006 by Kyle, Kohler, and Ostermiller (the three lawyers) who control the URA as CFO and CEOs. They literally write legislation and have their lapdogs, like Froerer, and about 60% of both the House and Senate, either pass or kill any bill which does not benefit them financially.

There are more than 10,000 realtors in Utah who pay $35/mo. to the Utah Realtor's Association. They have tens of millions in their PACs, which they use to spread around influence money under the guise of "campaign finance contributions". They use misleading PAC names like "The Private Property Rights Association", etc. to hide the truth. And they can spew out their mantra "We protect individual property rights" and other outright lies, at the drop of a hat. As Rep. Froerer did during the Snowcrest Jr. High tax meeting last year.

The Standard Examiner, Deseret News, and the Salt Lake Tribune struggle to survive, just as do newspapers all across the Country. The days of expecting meaningful and investigative indepth reporting from the print media are gone. Simply put, the editorial staff and owners can not make it without the tens millions spent by the Realtor/developer association each week. Don't believe it? Ask how much any of the newspapers charge to run a 7 page color ad on weekends.

I am saying the print media have become whores to the Realtor Association, just as have about 60% of our own Utah legislature. They are complicent in a near perfect scheme. A scheme in which everyone benefits financially, including all 16 "other taxing entities" listed on your Property Tax Valuation Notice.

Everyone gains but the individual taxpayer or constituent. And you and I must vote to change this in November. If you want to continue to be "represented" by the Realtor interests, then by all means re-elect Gage Froerer, Dearden, etc.

Curtis and Bramble plus Valentine, Killpack and many others are corrupt people. And do not have any sense of what integrity, character, or honesty is all about. They run this State regrettably, abusing the most well trained and obedient populace in American history. The situation is dire. The near open arrogance of the Utah legislature is a National disgrace, and is truly a Machevillian and cynical scheme to profiteer on the backs of good honest people. And those on the take from the Realtor Association do it all the while stating their avowed claim that "They are protecting individual property rights."

Ask the disinfranchised citizens of Powderville (and soon to be the entire Ogden Valley) if they feel their "individual property rights" are being "defended" by the air heads like Mrs. Stokes? Or the incredibly incompetent (or nefarious) "Representative" Froerer?

I totally agree with the above sentiments posted by anonymous regarding the prior military service of a retired Colonel. He apparently has dementia or was ethically challenged. the Air Force I served in trained officers and only promoted officers who had personal integrity, character and honored our Constitution. And we defended everyone's right to say what they think, burn flags in protest, etc.

But with that right comes the responsibility to not infringe upon the rights of others. And certainly not their Constitutional rights. Rights for which honorable men and women have fought and died to defend. And yes, every now and then a bone head, self aggrandizing, bottom feeder makes it through the system and becomes a retired Colonel. But hopefully they are a very rare species and just recognized by better people for what and who they are.

Valley said...

Excellent points, but our intel has informed us Erin is no longer with Century 21 - Gage Froerer Real Estate. Apparently she is with another firm.

That being clarified, the information about the realtor lobby is spot on.

Welcome back MM - it has been quiet around here without you.

The Viking said...

You have to laugh at Lisa Davis from Powder Mountain. Lisa, the Commissioners did follow the law as stated in HB466, I wonder why you are disappointed, but you embrace all other applications of HB466.

I think a majority of names for the town council should exclude Cababe or Lythoge relatives, or PM employees. The majority should be independent, reasonable people, not shills for the Powder Mountain interests.

Anonymous said...

Look....OV is changing and the handwriting has been on the wall for years. When locals started selling large chunks of land and and when Wolf Creek began significant expansion any thinking person had to understand the OV of yesterday would be changed forever. This PM situation is one more in a series of actions that many will not like but many will. I like PM as it is today but it is unrealistic to think that given what it costs to run a ski area that they can stay in business unless they pull in the real estate $$. If you don't like it sell and move on. It is your choice.

YGBSM! said...

Well...then. If Weber County and/or "Uncle Sugar" decides to plop down a nuclear reactor/power plant on the shore of Pineview, it's OK. OV and change is inevitable. And PM can manage it to subsidize their ski area. "And if you don't like it sell and move on. It is your choice."

Did I get your points right "anonymous"?

Caesare said...

As soon as the legal action starts on the incorporation, the smarter investors may start running away. Any savy potential investors would be wise to investigate this fiasco with a critical eye during these financial times and think twice. Ski resort investments go belly up like clockwork. You have most of the residents of the Ogden Valley opposed and many others in Weber County opposed. It may be wise to invest in something else.

Anonymous said...

I think the general economy is more of a threat to the PM investors than litigation brought by locals. Talk is cheap...lawyers are not!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if Alvin Cobabe et al are still owed money for PM in the form of second mortgage or final payment? If so, that explains why a man, known in the past for his dignity and honor, is letting himself by used as a puppet by the developers. As for Erin Stokes she is illegally harboring three apartments in a single family home so what does she care for ethics and the rule of law?