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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bison Creek Ranch Appeal Tuesday

The Valley Citizens for Responsible Development have filed a second appeal regarding the sewer system at Bison Creek ranch and will present their case to the county commissioners on Tuesday. Certainly the commissioners have already made up their mind to support the developers, so we can expect another rubber stamping session. We can only hope they will provide the opportunity for community input, and further hope they will listen.

Be there:

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

10:00 AM

Weber County commision chambers

Be there and inform your neighbors

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Valley Citizens for Responsible Development (VCRD) Meeting May 24th

The next Valley Citizens for Responsible Development Meeting will be held:

May 24th, 2007

at the Huntsville Library,

7:00 pm.

Your attendance and support is appreciated.

Please invite your neighbors.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No Incentives Necessary to Attract Developers to Ogden Valley

When we contemplate the beauty of our valley and the year around recreational opportunities it provides, one must wonder why we find it necessary to provide bonus incentives for land developers.

In other areas of the country where we have lived, an area with the advantages of the Ogden Valley would have land developers standing in line to present their development proposals and what they could contribute to the community. It has been our experience that land developers have agreed to build schools and recreational parks—at their own expense—just for the opportunity to have their plans approved!

In our valley, we offer bonus density incentives for land developers, and with the new proposed ordinances under current consideration, the writers have proposed that we should increase these bonus density provisions. The most egregious of these provisions is in the proposed ordinance relating to TDRs. If passed, it would double the bonus units from 20% to 40%, and will significantly increase density to the original plan for each development. While the TDRs may be a good option for some local landowners, the Weber County Commission should remove bonus density provisions attached to the proposed TDR ordinance (See Title 37, 37-3A, Ogden Valley Transfer of Development Rights).

In addition, we believe there is no reason to provide for any bonus density awards to make our valley an attractive investment for developers. The Weber County Planning Commission should consider changing the current ordinances, i.e., Chapter 22B, Cluster Subdivision Special Provisions, to reduce, and ultimately, remove all of the bonus density incentives for Ogden Valley.

We encourage everyone in the Valley to read the new ordinance proposals and contact their Weber County Commissioner to let them know how you feel on this issue. They will vote on these ordinances soon.

We should all assist in managing the growth in the Valley with active participation and oversight of both the Ogden Valley Planning Commission and the people who appoint them—the voter elected Weber County Commission.

Larry and Sharon Zini,

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Valley Citizens for Responsible Development (VCRD) Meeting May 10th



7:00 PM



Here's a summary of the discussion from the last meeting of VCRD:

Explained the results of the Board of Adjustment decision regarding calculation of home ensity in wet land areas. The Board supported the developer. The Army Corp of Engineers still needs to make a final determination.

Report on the status of our membership and finances.

Discussion included:

l. A need to have more visibility in Ogden Valley by having Eden, Liberty
and Huntsville Town form alliances with VCRD. Also a need for more publication in local and Salt Lake City newspapers.

2. We all should make contact with the County Commissioners via mail, email and telephone calls to voice our concerns. The County Commissioners have the final say in the decisions.

3. Discussion on the "Truth In Taxation" law of l985. More information will be provided in the future.

4. Discussion on the proposed Valley Ordinances.

5. A need to have the county provide notices to the citizens impacted by
development. Currently it isn't the best.

6. Discussion on Middlefork Canyon and plans by the Fish and Game.

7. Other business and discussion.

Leon Fielding and Dennis Shaw met with the Huntsville Town Council last week and requested an alliance with the Town. A motion was submitted and passed approving this alliance.


Disclaimer: The Ogden Valley Forum is not officially affiliated with VCRD, but serves as a sounding board for all and fully supports VCRD in their efforts for Responsible Development.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Huntsville Town Approves Cooperative Alliance with Valley Citizens For Responsible Development

Taking a positive stand in support of Responsible Growth in Ogden Valley, the Huntsville Town Council approved this motion during the May 1, 2007 meeting:

I move that Huntsville Town form a cooperative alliance with the Valley Citizens for Responsible Development (VCRD) with the intent of assisting and working with VCRD in their efforts to insure responsible growth and development in Ogden Valley.

The council voted 4-1 in favor of the Alliance.

We look forward to working with VCRD.

Richard L. Sorensen
Huntsville Town Council

Tuesday, May 01, 2007



More to come later, but we just wanted our humble readers to know that the County Commission reversed the Planning Commission's DENIAL of The Rivers Cluster Subdivision. It is a done deal and the developers have officially received Preliminary approval despite the recommendations of the Appointed Planning Commission.

Check back for more details.

UPDATE 5-2-07

Comments promoted to front page for readability:

During it's meeting yesterday the Weber County Commissioners appointed two new OVPC members to replace two incumbents who's terms have expired. Effective today Jamie Lythgoe and William Siegel replace Sharon Holstrom and Verl Creager.

There were 12 candidates for the positions plus the two incumbents who had also submitted their names for consideration. Seven of the candidates were real estate agents (Big Surprise!). As some of you may know Ms. Lythgoe is a real estate agent herself and her grandfather is the developer of Powder Mountain.

As was explained earlier in this blog, the Rivers Cluster Subdivision was given preliminary approval for their development. The WCC said that since the developer had met all current ordinances for the preliminary approval process and they had to approve his appeal request. However, they emphasized this is only preliminary approval and in no way guarantees final approval. So our work is cut out for us!

Public comments were allowed at the conclusion of the WCC meeting and public hearing section of their agenda. During this time several OV residents voiced their concern about the Rivers approval by the Weber County commissioners without any further public input. The commissioners said the time for public input was during the OVPC hearing meetings, not at an appeal hearing, and that the Weber County Commissioners had reviewed the records from those earlier meetings. The OVPC had the option of asking the developer to come back with a "cookie cutter" approach to the Rivers VS. the cluster subdivision and they didn't. The Rivers had met the current ordinances necessary for preliminary approval of a cluster development.

The commissioners were asked when OV residents could expect to have public hearings on the three pending ordinances affecting our valley. As you may remember, these hearings were originally scheduled for April 24. The commissioners actually seemed surprised that there had been any hearings scheduled in April on the drafts! The WC Planning department was asked to explain what was going on and their representative stated they had postponed the hearings as the draft ordinance were returned to Bio West for corrections. No future date was given for the hearings, the commissioners saying it would be sooner, rather than later....whatever that means.

Once the revised drafts are available for public review and input it is important for all of us to review them carefully and provide our input to the Weber County Commissioners on our thoughts and concerns.

Sharon and Larry Zini

UPDATE 5-3-07 12:50 MT

As usual the Weber County Commissioners rubber stamped the request without ANY input from the audience pro or con. Only the developer and planning staff were allowed to speak.

When questioned later as to how they could make a decision without any input they stated that they had read the minutes of the Planning Commission meeting.

So their decision to allow the 40 some houses adjacent to Huntsville are based solely on having read minutes from a meeting that have not been voted on or approved by that Planning Committee.
And unless I'm mistaken they are not valid or something until that has happened. Seems that some laws or procedures may have been broken or skipped in this process by the County Commissioners. Nothing new there.

Anyone a lawyer?


W Armstrong