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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No Incentives Necessary to Attract Developers to Ogden Valley

When we contemplate the beauty of our valley and the year around recreational opportunities it provides, one must wonder why we find it necessary to provide bonus incentives for land developers.

In other areas of the country where we have lived, an area with the advantages of the Ogden Valley would have land developers standing in line to present their development proposals and what they could contribute to the community. It has been our experience that land developers have agreed to build schools and recreational parks—at their own expense—just for the opportunity to have their plans approved!

In our valley, we offer bonus density incentives for land developers, and with the new proposed ordinances under current consideration, the writers have proposed that we should increase these bonus density provisions. The most egregious of these provisions is in the proposed ordinance relating to TDRs. If passed, it would double the bonus units from 20% to 40%, and will significantly increase density to the original plan for each development. While the TDRs may be a good option for some local landowners, the Weber County Commission should remove bonus density provisions attached to the proposed TDR ordinance (See Title 37, 37-3A, Ogden Valley Transfer of Development Rights).

In addition, we believe there is no reason to provide for any bonus density awards to make our valley an attractive investment for developers. The Weber County Planning Commission should consider changing the current ordinances, i.e., Chapter 22B, Cluster Subdivision Special Provisions, to reduce, and ultimately, remove all of the bonus density incentives for Ogden Valley.

We encourage everyone in the Valley to read the new ordinance proposals and contact their Weber County Commissioner to let them know how you feel on this issue. They will vote on these ordinances soon.

We should all assist in managing the growth in the Valley with active participation and oversight of both the Ogden Valley Planning Commission and the people who appoint them—the voter elected Weber County Commission.

Larry and Sharon Zini,

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Anonymous said...

Well Said Larry and Sharon,

Huntsville town, in ordinances approved several months ago, removed bonus density incentives from future developments. We would hope Weber County will follow suit.

Richard Sorensen