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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Weber County Commission Minutes from March 21, 2006

Items affecting Ogden Valley from commission minutes:

Final approval of Sheep Creek Cluster Subdivision Phase 4 at 3800 E. 4600 N.
consisting of 25 lots including a financial guarantee in the amount of approximately $398,108.56

Kevin Hamilton, County Planning Department, showed maps of this final phase of the Sheep Creek Cluster Subdivision. Twenty four of the lots are accessed off of the road that comes off North River Drive. All but one lot sit between Sheep Creek and the North Fork of the Ogden River and will be serviced by Powder Mountain Sewer, and the one lot that sits to the west will be serviced by a septic system. While the lots do not fall within the floodplain, the County Engineer requested that the lowest habitable floor be built above the base flood elevation adjacent to the lots because of the porousness of the soils. There was concern that if the river reached flood stage the ground water would rise to a problematic level. The base flood elevations for each lot is listed on the final plat and those building on the lots will be required to construct above those levels. The Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval.
Commissioner Bischoff moved to grant final approval of Sheep Creek Cluster Subdivision Phase 4 located at 3800 E. 4600 N. consisting of 25 lots including a financial guarantee in the amount of $398,108.56; Commissioner Cain seconded, all voting aye.

Public Comments:

Paul Southwick, representing North Eden Acres Phase 4, thanked the Commission for approving his item. Mr. Southwick commended the Ogden Valley Pathways on what they had done, stating that it was clearly noticed what these improvements did to enhance the Ogden Valley. He said that with the number of homes going up in the Ogden Valley the Commission should consider charging an impact fee during this time. Commissioner Cain noted that the State required the county to do an impact fee study prior to being able to impose it. The county conducted a study at the end of last year and had been waiting for the closing of the legislature session to find out the outcome on impact fee legislation. Commissioner Cain said that it would be helpful if Mr. Southwick attended the forthcoming public hearing on impact fees and stated his position

Blog Away!

Over the years, there have been many "advocates" for those of us in the Valley. Advocates who stay up to date on Valley happenings and keep a watchful eye on events taking place in the commission chambers and the town hall.

The problem is that the job of advocate has a high burnout rate - you can only last so long, before you assume your voice does not matter. With that in mind, residents need to come together. The more advocates we get the easier it will be for everyone. With new cyber tools such as this forum, we should be able to build momentum. Your voice does matter and you must be heard. WE MUST BE HEARD!

Lots of things are happening right before our eyes and it is time we wake up! Believe it or not, I am new to the blogosphere, so bear with me during the learning curve. Although I'll initially limit original articles to those of my own composition and those of a few others, the invitation's immediately open for the submission of "guest editorials," which can be sent to

If this web project pans out, I'll no doubt add "guest bloggers" to the team on an ongoing basis.

Thanks for visiting and BLOG away!

Friday, April 28, 2006

About Ogden Valley Utah Forum

Many changes are occuring in and around our valley. Whether you are a long term and full time resident, or a more recent part time transplant, these many changes and issues will effect us all. Growth, traffic and Sewage and water issues are a huge concern and have been limited largely to the north side of the valley, but there are now several developments proposed on the South side. Large developments that are in various stages of planning and approval from the County.

This venue is intended to serve as a non-partisan public community forum, providing citizens of Ogden Valley Utah a cyber focal point within which to discuss, debate and rant about any and all local governmental policies and issues in and around Huntsville, Eden and Liberty, Utah.

Users are invited to visit, chat, argue, bicker, promote and co-ordinate political events, post, link and read articles, and whatever else -- so long as they observe a reasonable level of civility and decorum. For those folks new to blogging, consider this blog a cyber "letters-to-editor" venue, with a lot more of a free-wheeling attitude than you'll find in your hometown newspaper.

If you want to put in your $.02, just post your own comments with the comments button. The comments interface is similar to the one you probably use for regular email. For those of you more familiar with the ways of the blogosphere, you already know the drill, so have at it and enjoy.