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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weber County Commission refuses to act on Powder Mountain list! -- Ogden Valley Exclusive - audio of today's meeting.


In what must have been a stunning move to Powder Mountain, the Weber County Commission refused to act today on the Powder Mountain petition to name the Powderville town council and mayor.

To say that the Weber County Commissioners were a little put out by the revised list of names submitted by Powder Mountain would be putting it mildly.

Powder Mountain refused to include any names other than their original selection plus 3 spouses and two new individuals on the town council list presented to the Commissioners. Interviews of numerous other qualified residents were jointly conducted by the Commissioners and a representative from Powder Mountain. The two new individuals' names were not previously submitted to the commissioners nor were they interviewed. A good question is why don't all of Powder Mountain's selected candidates for the town council have to go through the same interview process as other candidates?

Commissioner Bischoff said he was "Offended" by the new PM list after all their discussions and interviews. Commissioner Zogmaister said that the petitioners could have a "family reunion and probably have a quorum" if they used the list submitted by Powder Mountain. Commissioner Dearden said that every attempt was made to work with Powder Mountain to help make the list more representative of the town's people, yet Powder Mountain came back with the same list that also added three husband and wife pairs.

The Weber County Commissioners repeatedly asked the Powder Mountain representatives what criteria was used by Powder Mountain to exclude all other qualified candidates from consideration and the three Muses (see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil) had no logical response. Their refusal to explain the Powder Mountain reasoning seemed to increase the frustration of the Weber County Commissioners.

Commissioner Bischoff stated "It may be time for a Judge to decide the issue". The three Weber County Commissioners decided not to act on the Town Council petition but told the Powder Mountain representative that they would be willing to meet with Powder Mountain to discuss the list and all the qualified candidates.

We think the Weber County Commissioners deserve our thanks for standing up to Powder Mountain on this town council issue.

In other business, the Weber County Commission appointed Gary Alllen to replace the resigned Jamie Lythgoe on the Ogden Valley Planning Commission. Gary has served on the OVPC during the previous several years.

Go to the VCRD Website for a complete list of OVPC members and contact numbers.

Blogmeister update: In an Ogden Valley Forum Tuesday night exclusive, we offer a recording of this morning's landmark decision of the County Commission to take no action at all. We applaud them for taking the stand. The recording is not perfect and subject to some background noise, as we could not fit our Denon Audio system inside the chamber, but you can certainly crank up the volume and hear it unfold. We have included only the Powder Mountain agenda item, which took the last 25 minutes of the meeting. Hearing Powderville's project manager, Brooke Hontz, tap dance is well worth your time as she was definitely out of her league this morning. The commissioner's questions get interesting at the 11 minute mark if you wish to fast forward.

In a second audio clip, Eden Resident and GEM Committee Chairman Steve Clarke asks a poignant question of our Commission and legal staff. (6 minutes)

Lastly, be sure to read Kristen Moulton's Tribune article, and as always, check out the discussion on Rudi's award winning Weber County Forum.

What say ye Ogden Valley citizen's?


Whistler said...

Little Ms Lythgoe tried to do her inside job of getting the Powder Mountain rezone through the OVPC but she failed so miserably PM had to incorporate.

Now we hope the issue of her conflict of interest will be fodder for the coming lawsuits. It is going to be fun to see her and the other County players under oath about her dual role as an active OVPC member and incorporation petition signer at the same time.

Flash Gordon said...

Gee, it's too bad that Powder Mountain feels they were "publicly sandbagged" by the Weber County Commission.

What happened is the Weber County Commission used the ambiguity of HB466 against them and they are furious. Too bad.

So sue the County Powder Mountain, we are waiting to get to into court and get all the nefarious details out in the open.

Fat Albert said...

It is wonderful that Jamie Lythgoe is off of the OVPC. She sold out for money, but as pointed out, she failed to do anything to get the rezone through the OVPC process without the 19 conditions.

It is a good thing that Lythgoe has the Cobabe family bucks to fall back on, because she cannot seem do anything else very well.

dan s. said...

I'd love to listen to that audio recording, but my computer and/or network link is having trouble with it. It appears to be a .wav file, which is uncompressed (hence presumably very large). How large is the file? Any chance we could get an mp3 version to conserve bandwidth?

Valley said...

Thanks for the interest dan s. The 25 minute file is 5.85MB and when I converted it to mp3 it was 23.1MB. I will see if I can enlist the help of a teen techy.

dan s. said...


Sounds like the original file was in a highly compressed format designed specifically for voice recordings. I wonder, then, why I see ".wav" (an uncompressed format, or so I thought) in the URL behind the link.

Unfortunately, I don't think my computer can handle any of the highly compressed voice recorder formats. Could you go ahead and post the mp3? 23 MB isn't so bad, really.

Valley said...

Dan, I am perplexed but have enlisted the help our resident expert, Rudi (I have sent him an email and waiting for his reply). If you wish, send an email to me @ and I will forward the file. Has anyone else had luck (or problems) playing the file?