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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Powder Mountain Incorporation Ok’d

Today by a vote of 3-0, the Weber County Commission granted the petition for incorporation for the town of Powder Mountain. This was not a surprise to most citizens of Weber County and Ogden Valley.

On a second petition, the Weber County Commission tabled the request by Powder Mountain to name the town council for the new town until August 19th.

The reasons the Commissioners tabled this request are listed below.

Wanted a longer, more comprehensive list of names of residents for consideration that included a true cross section of affected homeowners on this issue.

Said he was concerned about conflicts of interest regarding some of the names submitted. He also expected a longer list of names of homeowners.

Said she wanted time to study the list and to do due diligence on the names submitted. She also said there should be more names submitted and encouraged all residents of the affected area to submit their names to be considered by the Commissioners.

It is disappointing that our Weber County Commissioners chose not to stand firm and reject the incorporation petition based on the harm that will come to those affected homeowners that lose their rights to equal protection under the law. However, with the incorporation as the trigger mechanism, the homeowners do have legal recourse in Federal Court.

All of us should recognize that the ramifications of this incorporation, if left unchallenged, will not only effect Ogden Valley, but all Weber County citizens who use Ogden Valley for recreation throughout the year.


Squirt said...

Isn't Commissioner Bischoff a piece of work? He is worried about a "conflict of Interest" NOW on the list for the town council.

Where has he been the last year while Jamie Lythgoe was playing both sides of the street while serving on the OVPC? She was appointed by these same 3 commissioners, and they have remained mute about her disgraceful actions after the conflict facts were given to them earlier this year. Also a sarcastic pat on the back for Louis Cooper for also ignoring her conflict of interest actions as chairman of the OVPC.

We should hear these people under oath on this
conflict issue.

Anonymous said...

Someone hand me a cigarette, I've just been screwed.