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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Standard Takes Two Steps Forward and Twenty Steps Back and An Update on the Horse Theft

Just when the local rag, aka The Standard Examiner, had made such strides on the Powderville saga, we read this morning's piece of literary trash entitled "Proposed To Lead Powder Mountain Town."

One of our humble Powderville residents offered this heads up by email:

Has everyone seen the front page of the Standard Examiner today? There is a completely pro-Powder Mountain article. It seems as if it was written by the Exoro group themselves (PM's PR firm.) John (name changed to protect the innocent) is so angry he called up and cancelled our subscription to the paper. He says we should post a call for everyone to cancel their SE subscriptions for siding with the blatant violation of our rights. We are the ones getting screwed, not PM.

We agree with our humble reader. After the Standard Editorial board had made such great strides with two fabulous editorials, they allow staff writer Di Lewis to publish this. We guess they are taking a page out of Fox News' 'fair and balanced' book?

There are some humorous quotes that must be highlighted.

“I live right on Powder Mountain Road. I’m going to be one of the ones most affected by traffic and development, and I want to be in control of that,” said Lavar Lowther, a town council nominee. “I think the development is going to go ahead whether it’s through a town or a county, and I think the best way is to have the local people control what’s going on rather than people that don’t live in the valley and have no real concern for what’s going on up here.”

Local people who are in Powderville's hip pocket? Or members of one family? Can you say nepotism?

Jamie Lythgoe, another potential council member, believes her experience and background with Powder Mountain would be an asset to the town, although it has also raised questions about a conflict of interest.

Much of the controversy surrounding Lythgoe stems from her family ties to Powder Mountain and her former position on the Ogden Valley Planning Commission.

She does not foresee any problems with a conflict of interest. “I don’t think anyone has a hidden agenda.”

Hasn't her agenda already been executed? She got on the Planning commission during the rezone petition and as that avenue played out, she acted as a mole for the Powdervillians through their rezone petition. AGENDA COMPLETE!

[Alvin] Cobabe, the proposed mayor, said he wants to do what is best for the community, and the Powder Mountain resort has provided a good place for recreation. He said the resort cannot survive on only ticket sales, especially if old ski lifts are to be replaced. “I’ve liked Powder Mountain. I still like it. I like the community,” he said. “And as far as I’m concerned, I’d do what’s fair and best for all concerned. That’s the only reason I’d take the job.”

If he likes the community, why be a part of an unconstitutional process and taking of his neighbor's rights?

Although some are afraid the council will ignore viewpoints that do not support development, Lowther said he would listen to everyone. “I do have concerns about what’s going on up there,” he said. “It’s not like I’m 100 percent in their pocket. I think I can look very objectively at the issues and take into consideration the feelings of the people that are not for, or are ambivalent about, the development.”

If you are not 100 percent in their pocket, just how much are you in their pocket, Mr. Lowther?

Season tickets are now on sale and we say put your money where your mouth is. Snow Basin and Wolf Mountain both have easy access and would love to sell your family a season pass.

Regarding the Horse theft last week, be sure to read the update from Lori. If you are unable to open the link, simply scroll down to the Horse Theft post and click on the Click to Comment link.

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