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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Huntsville Resident and Vietnam Veteran, Gene Wahlstrom, Passes

The local and national media has focused on one of our fallen valley heroes, Mr. Gene Wahlstrom of Huntsville, and we want to add our heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the Wahlstrom family.

In arguably one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, Gene survived twenty plus years of low level/high altitude/heavy weight, precision aviating. Ironically, his life was tragically cut short by a malfunction of the aircraft. Gene was a fantastic pilot and mentor to all.

Gene and his wife Joyce were avid Harley riders, and we ran across a forum of the Patriot Guard Riders that has some very touching tributes to Gene.

We will miss you Gene. Rest in Peace.


Caesare said...

A fitting tribute to an unsung hero.

minor machman said...

I have known Gene for several years. And everytime we shared a private moment I would ask him why he didn't just hang it up and retire? I wanted to play in our older fly fish, golf and ride.

Each time Gene just would say through his grizzled beard and always- always a smile, "I just love my job. I can't think of anything I could ever do that I would enjoy more..."

I knew Gene meant he loved using his talents as a pilot to do something more important than himself... to help others.

Gene died doing what he loved most - flying and helping others.
God's speed Gene. Hope to rejoin one of these days, good Lord willing.