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Sunday, September 21, 2008

vote against incumbents...they have earned our disdain said...

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vote against incumbents...they have earned our disdain said...

Truthfully, if anyone (other than direct relatives) vote for incumbents at the County level... (Dearden is up for re-election this year), or the State Legislative level (Representative Gage Froerer is up for reelection), they deserve to continue to pay and pay and pay more and more property taxes and fees.

If you vote to keep Commissioner Dearden and Representative Froerer in office, I would suggest you are simply uninformed ...or ignorant. When Bishoff and Zogmaster and Assessor Cheryl Madson come up for reelection, we need to also remember them too. Senator Christenson has done nothing in office but attend boon doggles and accept bribes disguished as hunting trips, etc.

We all need to remember last year, and previous years they have been in office. The legislation they have passed, like the developer's dream bill, HB 466 (Powderville enabling), and many other realtor/developer friendly legislation and decisions are arrogant and blatantly offensive to decent people and rightful thinking citizens.

Representative Froerer sponsored a bill to make it legal for developers to by-pass local Planning Commissions and to go directly to County Commissions, for example. And there is more...much more, from a rabid "lapdog" of the Utah Realtor's Association...Gage Froerer. He said and did nothing while Ogden Valley property taxes continue to shoot through the roof. He said nothing while the illegal and outrageous HB 466 passed without a single vote, nor question, raised against its authors...The Utah Realtor Association. Previous to 2006 when he was "elected", Froerer served as the President of this nefarious organization.

Why would anyone want another Realtor/Developer representing our District (Ogden Valley or Ogden)? Oh...I also forgot...there ARE more than 10,000 members of the Utah Realtor's Association. They of course will virtually all be voting for more of the same graft and corruption within the Utah State Legislature. Their "dues" (amounting to more than $10,000,000
a year, are funneled into PACs (Political Action Committees), often disguised such as "The Citizens for Personal Property Rights" ironically, which are used to pay off about 60% of the Utah State legislators. This outright bribery is further disguised as "Campaign Contributions or Donations", all legal in Utah, since these bottom feeding, unethical and immoral slime control the laws.

The ONLY way out of this Utah Realtor/Developer scheme is to vote all of them out of office at every level of government.

Sat Sep 20, 05:34:00 PM 2008

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