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Friday, September 12, 2008

Property Tax Appeal Deadline Monday

We are short on time, but wanted to highlight a Standard Examiner article reminding us of the Monday deadline for appealing your property taxes.

From the Di Lewis article we read:

The appeals received so far have not been concentrated in any one area, and (Roger) Brunker (Chief Deputy of the Weber County Auditors office) said he has not seen anything like the mass appeals from Huntsville residents last year.

Larry Zini, who lives in Ogden Valley near Huntsville, said taxes are “going up at a startling rate. ... It’s crazy.”

His wife, Sharon Zini, filed an appeal last year after the estimated value of their land nearly doubled. This year, Larry Zini said, the amount he is paying in taxes went up by 27 percent, on top of the 22 percent increase he paid last year.

However, Huntsville town Councilman Richard Sorensen said he does not think the property values rose as drastically this year in Huntsville.

He said there is not “the uproar there was last year” over increased assessment values.

“Last year one of the properties in town went up 800 percent. I think it (the value of properties) went up so much last year we got the ear of the assessor’s office,” he said, adding his own taxes went down $400 from last year.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

We want to hear from you, Ogden Valley. What happened with your taxes this year?

Did you have a significant increase, decrease or did they stay the same as last years outrageous bump.

Are you willing to fight for alternative taxation during the upcoming legislative session?

Click on the comments link below and let us know.


Squirt said...

The reason that there is less uproar this year is appearance of futility to appeal. Does anyone notice that the assessor's office will only change the assessment when the value goes up?

When holes in the tax assessment and collection process are pointed out to them, they tell you they do not have the manpower to correct them.

Why for instance are multiple property owners allowed to clam the primary home tax exemption on several properties in violation of the law? The Assessor's Office says they don't have the manpower to enforce that law. If not, who is looking out for the other taxpayers?

Why are large developers allowed to file petitions in with the county planning commission when they are delinquent on their property taxes. They should not be allowed to get more work out of the County until their property taxes are paid current.

Anonymous said...

Last year Assessor Boy proposed a 16.5% increase. I appealed and actually got a reduction! This year Assessor Boy, in an apparent signal not to mess with him, has proposed a 22.5% increase, right back to where he wanted it last year. I'll be appealing, and will also be calling this and other apparent but unexplained anomalies in the system, to the County Commissioners and perhaps to the press. The assessments clearly are arbitrary and capricious.

Assessor Fo said...

My bet, based on experience last year, is that the Commissioners will offer no help and claim they are not responsible for the Assessor's office. The press and the State legislature will likely be your best avenues to pursue.

Assessor Fo said...

Here is some proof - Click here

Whistler said...

All property should be assessed each year. When the value goes up, taxes will go up, but when the value goes down, the taxes should go down. That is not the way it works! They just don't reassess the property on most down value years. So the they at least keep the property taxes at the same level rolling in! They don't go after the tax scofflaws so the rest of us keep making up their load too.

Robert said...

I live in Eden and my taxes were reduced to the 2006 level. Basically erasing the increase last year which was about 11% My house value was dropped 30,000.00 from last year. Which I think is fine as I am not looking to sell. They can drop the value all they want.

I would be happy to fight the government any time and any place.