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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ogden Valley Forum Exclusive - The Powder Mountain Press Release

We secured a copy of the original Press Release from the poor, picked on Powderville petitioners, and it should generate some interesting critiques from our readers. It is relatively short, so we will post it in its entirety below (emphasis added):

Press Statement

We, the petitioners for incorporation of the Town of Powder Mountain, filed an action against Weber County in the Second District Court on August 26, 2008. We do not take this course of action lightly; in the past, we have actually been extremely slow to publicly defend our position in order to facilitate good faith negotiations. However, based upon the Weber County Commission’s actions on August 19, refusing to appoint a Town Council and Mayor, we unfortunately feel we must exercise our legal rights.

The Weber County Commission approved the Incorporation Petition on August 5, and according to the law, upon approving the incorporation petition, it is the Commission’s mandatory obligation to appoint the Town Council and Mayor from a list approved by the petitioners. We presented a list of qualified individuals to the County for the Council and Mayor. These individuals support the town and are excited to serve and represent their neighbors. We have spent countless hours getting to know the citizens who will be residents of this new Town. Every submitted person was recommended to us by a fellow Town member. By refusing to make these appointments, the Commission has demonstrated they are unwilling to facilitate the incorporation of the Town as required by law. We have become caught in an effort by the commission to protect themselves politically, so we have determined that requesting relief from the court is our only option.

We care deeply about the land under our stewardship and about the prospects of the new Town encompassing that land. We have consistently been willing to talk to all stakeholders regarding the desires of neighbors, Ogden Valley and the County. Following the petition submittal, we held dozens of town meetings, as well as small group and one-on-one home meetings. We literally called every household in the town, multiple times, offering to meet with everyone and answer their questions. Then in February, when Commissioner Craig Dearden asked us to return to the bargaining table to work on an agreement to keep the development in the County and dissolve the incorporation petition, we chose in good faith to try to work things out again, something no other incorporating town has been willing to do. We had extensive talks and spent nearly seven months and several hundred thousand dollars in staff, drafting and professional time. These discussions consistently led to unfulfilled promises and the creation of a constantly moving target by the Commission.

We have never asked for nor do we desire any special favors, just a fair and impartial panel that holds the fate of this land in their hands. We want what every single property owner in this state desires and vigorously defends, our private property rights respected. In return we have been and will continue to be good neighbors and good community and government partners. If we were not so committed to this area, and to honoring all that this resort can and should be, we would have given up long ago. It is our sincere hope to quickly move past this phase and get to the business of being a Town.

End of Press Release

Now isn't that a touching piece? It almost brings a tear to the eye of even the most calloused and insensitive.

Surely many of the items mentioned could be refuted, but we would like to hear from the Powderville Hostages - Have the Powdervillians been "good neighbors and good community and government partners?"

Dozens of Town Meetings? If I am not mistaken, "dozens" means 24 or more. Did they in fact hold 24 or more town meetings? Or maybe they are considering private meetings amongst the petitioners to be "town meetings." After all, it is a company town.

Take it away, Ogden Valley. Do you notice any credibility problems?


frankc said...

A lovely piece of fiction writing.

Interesting to ponder whether they are just flat lying and know it, or whether they have repeated their sad tale of woe to themselves and others so many times that they actually believe it's true. My money's on the former.

Also interesting that they make their case through a PR firm press release rather than sitting down at a truly public forum and taking the heat. But then, if they weren't slimebags in the first place, they wouldn't need a PR firm, would they?

The Viking said...

The "good faith" negotiations consisted of a one way conversation from Powder Mountain where their keyword phrase was "We Want More!"

It took a while, but the Weber County Commissioners have had enough of the Petition sponsors.

Maybe the citizens can file an Amicus Curiae (friend of the court) and join in on the fun.

Squirt said...

Being a retired corporate employee, I cannot imagine a poorer job of communication and community networking than was done by Powder Mountain. They spent most of their time with the people of Cache County, not Ogden Valley.

The arrogance by Powder Mountain and their refusal to make their case time after time to the OVPC clearly indicates poor preparation and a lack of concern about the impact of their plans on the people of Ogden Valley and Weber County.

Their motto now is " I don't care about the civil rights of our proposed town residents, we want our incorporation!"

Anonymous said...

I am one of the Powderville Hostages and they NEVER ONCE called me or tried to meet with me!!!

Skip The Dog said...

What a heap of B.S. and lies. I look forward to hearing the petitioners repeating these claims under oath.

Whistler said...

It is fortunate for Valley residents that Powder Mountain does not have any "A" team people to represent them. The stumble and bumble of their OVPC presentations was something to behold. It is obvious that Powder Mountain has hired solid double digit IQ types for their public representatives. Thanks Powder Mountain!