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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Don't Forget - Stephen Trimble Book signing Tonight at Ogden Valley Library

We mentioned this last week, but be sure to visit the Ogden Valley Library at 7 PM on September 10, 2008 to meet Stephen Trimble, Author of "Bargaining For Eden."

UPDATE @ 10 am

Be sure to Read Mr. Trimble's comments by clicking the "Comments" link below.


Stephen Trimble said...

I really am delighted to be reading in Ogden Valley tonight--the setting of some of the most poignant scenes in my book. I hope to see many of you there, and I look forward to a lively conversation.

And just what is "Bargaining for Eden" about? Here is a summary:

Stephen Trimble became intrigued with the story of Mount Ogden and its Olympic downhill ski race when he visited the little ski area above Ogden, Utah, from his home in nearby Salt Lake City in 1997 on assignment to photograph for a travel article. He asked, “What will it take to get a racer down the mountain when the 2002 Olympics come to Snowbasin?”

His inquiry into the complicated answer led to this book—and deep into a web of stories that reveals the nature of our relationship with landscape. He learned that people reveled in the idea of the Olympics and that they loved this mountain, but they hated to see it developed so intensely, and despaired over losing its public land to private ownership—all to serve the desires of the reclusive and eccentric billionaire owner of Snowbasin, Earl Holding.

In the middle of following the many strands of this story, the author and his wife fell in love with their own “Eden” in southern Utah. A lifelong environmentalist, Trimble became a landowner and developer, too; he “became Earl,” on a tiny scale. In Bargaining for Eden, he confronts the devil’s bargains he has struck. As a citizen of the rural New West, he strives to engage his community in a positive way, to work toward a progressive future for the last open spaces in these lands we all love.

Caesare said...

Steven, we welcome your efforts to maintain the rural characteristics and charm of Ogden Valley. Earl Holding may seem to some as the main adversary in this battle, but the Petition Sponsors at Powder Mountain loom as the single largest threat to our density, safety, traffic, and pollution problems. The incorporation of the Powderville town will do more damage to Ogden Valley than anything that Earl Holding has done.

Valley said...

For those who missed out, Stephen gave an excellent presentation tonight. There were some of Earl's men in the audience and Stephen handled them masterfully, even though the tension in the audience was quite thick while Clint Ensign was disputing some of the points.

Stephen Trimble said...

Thanks to you both. For anyone who missed my reading in Huntsville, you can catch me tonight at 6:00 at Bear River Refuge (under the auspices of the Utah Society for Environmental Education). And next Wednesday, September 17th, at noon at Weber State. Check my website, for details.

I look forward to keeping the conversation going!