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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Letter From a Concerned Citizen

I am a concerned Ogden resident. I feel I have as much stake in the development and progress of things happening in the Valley as the people who live there. See, I live downstream. As they say - "Stuff rolls downhill."

Our water quality and quantity will certainly be affected by what is going on in the Valley - expecially if Powder Mountain incorporates. Where will the water go that I now currently use on my property? And if there is any left for me, will it be clean enough for my gardens and taps?

My name is Jennifer Neil, and I would like also to be kept apprised of any new developments in the development frenzy and zoning fracas. We in Ogden are also members of Weber County, and what happens in the Valley would most certainly affect us all.

Thank you for listening.

J. Neil

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