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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Powderville Update

WE at the forum have been a bit lazy (busy) lately, whilst lo and behold, an snippet of an update regarding the Powderville saga. We will rely on the ever popular Rudi and friends for the update, but will also include a recent Tribune story on the subject.

It is your turn to weigh in - how will this saga unfold?


Anonymous said...

The Weber County Commission is scared to death of a lawsuit from the affected homeowners in Ogden Valley. They know that any Federal court with common sense would rule that HB466 should be invalid and the county would be held responsible since they had the opportunity to deny the incorporation on the due process issue for the homeowners and failed to do so. The Jamie Lythgoe conflict of interest on this issue would probably be part of the lawsuit as well and the County Commissioners are vulnerable on that for standing mute when it was brought to their attention. Lythgoe's conflict of interest involvement paved the way for Powder Mountain from the inside, while the Weber County Commissioners and County Attorney stood mute. Someone will make all this information with documentation available to the court if a lawsuit is required.

Knight Rider said...

Many Valley citizens and newspaper people have documentation of conversations and letters to Lewis Cooper and the Weber County Commissioners about the Jamie Lythgoe conflict of interest issue. They will probably be made available to any court proceedings as well. Our leadership has decided to lay low and hide on this issue, and they should pay the price.