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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ogden Valley Issue

This text below was sent directly to all three Weber County Commissioners the other day via e-mail. Predictably, there has been no response. I urge all that are concerned about the increased use of our Valley area and resources contact the three Weber County Commissioners to express your thoughts. The WC Commission contact information can be found at the VCRD Web Site

We had our general VCRD meeting last week and one issue was mentioned by several residents in attendance. This is a heads up on what appears may be a budding hot button issue for many residents. The ever increasing use of Ogden Valley roads and facilities for various marathon's and other sport activities. Several residents mentioned the inconvenience of losing road access in the Canyon and around the Valley when these events are staged.

Many agreed that most of these events are well intentioned, but do cause some problems for many Valley residents on weekends. The main concern is that the number of these events will continue to increase and the impact on the Valley and our residents should be considered by the Weber County Commission in the future.

It was also suggested by residents that the Valley projects such as pathways and parks should financially benefit from such events staged in the Valley with some allocation of funds from permits, entry fees, or ticket sales.

Larry Zini
VCRD Chairman


Anonymous said...

You know I've tried e-mailing the commissioners on 3 seperate occasions. Each time I get messages saying my e-mail has been delayed and then a day or two later a message saying it was not delivered. I've stopped trying to e-mail them even though this makes me wonder what it going on. I've never had this problem with any emails other than the ones to the commissioners.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is notified that their e-mail is not delivered, call the Commissioners on the telephone and find out what is going on with their e-mail service. When you have them on the phone, ask about the Valley and any other question you may have. If they don't take your call or refuse to return your call, contact the Standard Examiner and let them know. Force them to answer publicly about their failure to communicate with citizens of Weber County. They are trying to force you to come to their Tuesday meetings when they know it is impossible for most people to make those meetings. That is their subtle way to stifle debate.

We don't need elected politicians that are non-responsive to the citizens they represent. There is an arrogance in the Weber County Commission office that indicates they clearly resent almost any citizens input or criticism of their performance. As noted on the post, they do not even respond to suggestions on issues.

We need at least one Commissioner of the three to be from Ogden Valley and we all should work through the system to make that happen. We in Ogden Valley pay a lion's share of the taxes and should have representation regarding Valley issues.

Anonymous said...

I think we need another realtor/developer to represent us here in the Ogden Valley. Froerer has done such an "excellent" job.


Steve Balek said...

Well stated Larry! I recommend everyone email and phone the Commission with their concerns.