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Monday, September 07, 2015

Annual Star Party and Dedication of North Fork Park as the World's 21st International Dark Sky Park

Saturday, September 12 
North Fork Park (Mustang Flats Bowery, enter Middle Gate)

Commissioner Matt Bell and student Zach Thomas will dedicate the park at 8pm with star party to follow. In attendance will be the Weber State University sky-quality monitoring teams.  The Ogden Astronomical Society will provide high power telescopes and, weather permitting, participants will see the Milky Way and be able to understand the many reasons the International Dark Sky Association accredited North Fork Park as the world's 21st International Dark Sky Park - ahead of Capitol Reef (number 22) and Canyonlands (number 23) National Parks.  Accreditations of Grand Canyon and Glacier National Parks are expected soon. North Fork Park is in undeniably exceptional company.

Please bring your friends and children to recognize this signal achievement of North Fork Park and enjoy the stars and night sky.

Call 917.385.6555 for more information.

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