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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Package Liquor store in Ogden Valley

Bill Lyman writes:

When I spoke with Gage Froerer last week, he agreed to follow-up with the UDABC regarding their request for special funding from the governor's office.  He also agreed to contact the governor's office to urge them to include this issue in a proposed "special session" of the legislature soon.  I am calling Mr. Froerer today to follow-up with him on those two conversations and will also check with the governor's office regarding a "special legislative session" possibly scheduled for May 22nd.

The Weber County Commission approved of a Conditional Use Permit for The Eden Liquor Agency at their meeting last night. (April 28th)


Assuming that the UDABC has made their request and the special funding issue is included in the special session, and the legislature approves the funding...then the UDABC should accept my application by June 10th and the UDABC Board of Governors could approve and grant The Eden Liquor Agency's contract by late June.  If so, I plan an opening date between July 1 and July 15.


At this point, calls and emails to the governor's office to support inclusion of this issue in a special session would be helpful!  It looks like we've got the ball rolling...we just need to keep it rolling.  Governor Huntsman phone: 800-705-2464 and e-mail : 

Thanks for your support!


Bill Lyman, Managing Member, Ogden Valley Liquor Group, L.L.C., dba: The Eden Liquor Agency

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Heidi Kaminsky said...

We support the proposed liquor store in Ogden Valley. At this time, the valley is loosing funding by requiring locals and tourist alike to travel to Ogden for their purchases. I hope the community will support this store, as it will save the canyon traffic, increase revenue and reduce drunk driving.

Thank you for your efforts!