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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Absolutely Unbelievable!

UPDATED 4/1/07

Click here to view a Standard Examiner Article about the recent Planning Commission Meeting

Here is an excerpt: Developer Jamie Gull, who grew up in West Valley City, said he felt a "little bit vilified."

“We do love the valley; we think it’s tremendous,” he said, later adding, “I think (this project) will have a really great signature effect on the valley.”

Standard writer Palmer made a point of mentioning the developer grew up in West Valley. Why? Have you been to West Valley lately? There are many similarities in the developing style of West Valley and The Rivers Ghetto Wetlands project Jamie Gull and Clark Wangsgard are proposing. On the contrary, the only similarities between West Valley and Ogden Valley are in the name - Valley.

Original Post

Once again, a productive evening for the smooth talking developers at last nights Ogden Valley Planning Commission meeting. They and their Valley luvin' experts, who want to do a project we can all be proud of, will once again be given Carte blanche to begin their wonderful developments, despite many rock solid concerns from citizens and experts in their own right. The Rivers Ghetto Wetland project was tabled in a 4-3 vote, but it will certainly be approved next month after the developers have secured a couple of token feasibility letters.

More details to come, but existing zoning (although the county would probably rezone to suit if requested by a high dollar developer as they have done so many times) along with no sensitive lands ordinances essentially leaves the planning commission with no teeth. Combine that with the show running Weber County attorney, Monette Hurtado, and the county planners have definitely proven to be developer friendly.

Stay tuned for more details...


starprimm said...

Is there any word of a meeting locally to discuss what we can do as valley residents?

Valley said...

No word as of yet, but you will read it first here and via our email list. Thanks, Val

Anonymous said...

The citizens of the valley need to take a different approach. Put pressure on the Weber County Commisson to change the makeup of the OV Planning commission. They have some members that are in direct conflict of interst situations. We need people on the OV commisson that are not developer lackeys.

Valley said...

We at the forum agree fully as stated in a February 28th Post

In fact, since the Commission is bombarded with agenda items and meetings average 5+ hours, we would like to see the commission return to having more than one Ogden Valley Planning Commission (North and South or Eden/Liberty and a East Huntsville Planning commission.

Valley said...

Sadly, the Planning commission is simply a body that makes recomendations, so in the whole scheme of things they have very few teeth. Especially when their meetings are controlled by the County attorney who essentially ties the planning commissioners hands. She even demeans and speaks down to some of the commissioners who dare speak out against a development or rezone request.