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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Case for a Building Moratorium--What Now?

I am the author of the letter to the Ogden Valley News proposing a moratorium on building in the Valley at least until the County Commission can rectify the problem with the current zoning vs. the 1998 Ogden Valley Carrying Capacity Analysis.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of persons who have called me or have otherwise expressed their agreement with the sentiments in the letter, and have--every one of them--asked "What now? How do we organize and keep this going to the point at which we can get somebody to actually listen and DO something before it's too late?"

One person asked my permission to send my letter to the Standard Examiner, to which I assented. I may send copies directly to each of the Commissioners, to the members of the OV Planning Commission, to our professional county "planners," and even to our esteemed county legal department advisor to the Planning Commission, to get their reactions to the letter, on the record. But there are no doubt more and better things that can be done. I sense that the letter has stirred some important feelings in a lot of us, and that the time to capitalize on those feelings is now. What does anyone else think? And more important, who's ready to DO something?? I know I am.

Frank Cumberland

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Valley said...

Mr. Cumberland

Thanks for your comments and thanks even more for your letter. We are hopeful it will be published in the Standard soon. We at the Forum agree with you fully - the nonsense must stop so we can all regroup.

There was a Moratorium about 10 years ago when the county made the last major change to our zoning that essentially made the minimum lot size 3 acres vs the previous 1 acre minimum.

We may suggest sending the letter to everyone mentioned, but follow that up by getting on the agenda of an upcoming County Commission meeting to present the request for a moratorium. With our growing information tree, we could surely fill the commission chambers with Valley residents who support your cause.

Unified, we can make changes.


Thanks again,