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Monday, April 30, 2007

IMPORTANT! The Developers for The Rivers Files Appeal to County Commission - On May 1st agenda!

As expected, the Developers of the River's Cluster Subdivision, whose preliminary approval was DENIED by the Ogden Valley Planning Commission, made an appeal to the Weber Planning Commission. The decision on preliminary approval is SUPPOSEDLY on the Weber County Commission agenda for:

Tuesday, May 1st
10 am
Weber County Commission Chambers.

However, as of 7:30 AM on the Monday preceding the meeting, their is no agenda on the Commission Web Site , even though the site states that agendas will be "posted the Friday afternoon before Commission Meeting."

UPDATE 8 AM : The County Commission Agenda is now posted and includes The Rivers as well as the Appointment of Planning Commission Members.

A rendering of the proposed subdivision is depicted on the right column. It shows the vast difference in density as it compares to the adjacent lots in Huntsville Town. Also, the homes in the River's Cluster will be much bigger than many Huntsville dwellings and 35 feet tall (the max allowed), while some of their lots are smaller than two homes currently under construction in Huntsville.

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