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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ogden Valley Planning Commission Meeting Report - THE RIVERS DENIED!!

This was originally posted by Larry Zini as a comment, but we have promoted it to the top due to its importance. CITIZENS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

My wife and I attended a special OVPC (Ogden Valley Planning Commission) meeting in Ogden last night. One of the new proposed developments in the valley is called The River Cluster subdivision that would back up to the town of Huntsville near the big curve on Highway 39. The preliminary approval request was sent to the Weber County Commission as DENIED by the OVPC. It was a 4 to 2 vote. It could still be passed by the 3 member Weber County Commission, the developer has 15 days to appeal.

Attending the OVPC meeting was Jan Zogmaister, one of the three Weber County Commissioners. She has been at the last two OVPC meetings and said she has also reviewed the minutes and listened to the tapes of recent OVPC meetings.

To clarify the chain of command, the Weber County Commissioners are elected by the voters and The 3 Weber County Commissioners appoint the OVPC Commissioners.

It appears that the Weber County commission has taken note of the growing opposition to the wide open development issues in our valley. It is a hopeful sign that at least one commissioner as taken the time to attend and oversee the OVPC performance.

This highlights the importance that all residents write or call the 3 Weber County Commissioners on these issues. Let them know what you think!

Larry Zini

UPDATE - 4/13/2007
Last evening, the Weber County Board of Adjustment met to hear several appeals. Item 4 on the agenda was:
Board of Adjustment BOA #06-07 Interpretation of Zoning Ordinance by Dawn Goode

The Goode's and the resident group, Valley Citizens for Responsible Development (VCRD) were disputing the calculations from the Bison Creek Ranch Developer used to derive the number of lots allowed when taking into account bonuses for open space, clustering, etc. A couple of months ago, The Ogden Valley Planning Commission approved the number of lots (150) as suggested by the "good neighbor" developer, Destination Eden, aka John Lewis of the Moose Hollow fame and Barry Scwartz .

In a nutshell, VCRD's contention (and ours) is that wetlands should not be included in calculations as "developable" or "buildable" lands. Sadly, the BOA sided with the Ogden Valley Planning Commission and upheld their previous interpretation.

According to VCRD's calculations, Bison Creek Ranch should only be allowed 121.63 lots instead of the 150 that have received preliminary approval.

It is time to pressure the County commissioners for a Moritorium on development until the new, proposed ordinances have been put in place and a study has been completed by an out of state Urban Planning firm rather than relying on a Recreation Element proposal from a Logan based Environmental consulting firm.


Larry Zini said...

For those in the valley that prefer e-mail, Jan Zogmaister's e-mail is

I do not have the e-mail for the other two commissioners, if anyone can get them please do and post.

Larry Zini

Ogden Valley Guest said...

We should expect the developers to appeal this decision. The appeal will have to be filed within 15 days and would be filed with the COunty Commissioners.

The battle is starting. We need to watch the County Commissioners agenda carefully and be prepared with a strategy and community involvement.

I would recommend that we contact the VCRD group, the group that is appealing the Bison Creek decisions, and muster their support and resources.

I have emailed Dennis Shaw, Trustee of VCRD, and suggested that The Rivers be an agenda item for a proposed 4/24 meeting.

Ron Gleason

Valley said...
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Valley said...

The email addresses for all commissioners and their administrative assistant have been posted in the post entitled "3 Land Use Ordinances" dated February 13, 2007.

Thanks for the info.