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Monday, April 09, 2007

Here We Go Again!

We just received word of a special meeting of the Ogden Valley Planning Commission meeting as well as a meeting of appeal to the County Commissioners regarding the recent approval of the Bison Creek Ranch Subdivision in East Huntsville.

Ogden Valley Planning Commission Special Meeting

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

5:00 PM Pre Meeting (public invited) Our intel tells us Commissioner Jan Zogmaister will be addressing the planning commission.

5:30 PM Planning Commission Meeting

Click here to see agenda

Normally these meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each Month, but this is a special mid-term meeting for Preliminary Approval of The Rivers Ghetto Cluster Subdivision located on the South border of Huntsville Town in the River Bottoms. 46 lots are proposed on 12 Acres. Some of the proposed lots are smaller in size than two homes currently under construction in Huntsville Town.

A visit to the County Planning Commission web site does not list this meeting under "Meeting Schedules" and it is not listed on the Planning Commission Home Page. It is only visible by clicking on "Agendas." See for yourself by clicking here

It was our understanding that this request was tabled during the last Planning commission meeting for 30 days, but here it is in a special meeting that has not been publicized. It certainly has the appearance that someone is trying to rush it through with no further public input. Be there or be square as they say!


Special Meeting of Appeal to the Weber County Commission

Thursday, April 12, 4:15 PM

A Valley Citizen's group has filed a formal appeal regarding the preliminary approval of the Bison Creek Ranch Subdivision proposed on Highway 39 east of Huntsville -- 150 Homes on 458 +/- Acres.

The county commission will hear the appeal during this special meeting.

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Larry Zini said...

My wife and I attended a special OVPC (Ogden Valley Planning Commission) meeting in Ogden last night. One of the new proposed developments in the valley is called The River Cluster subdivision that would back up to the town of Huntsville near the big curve on Highway 39. The preliminary approval request was sent to the Weber County Commission as denied by the OVPC. It was a 4 to 2 vote. It could still be passed by the 3 member Weber County Commission, the developer has 15 days to appeal.

Attending the OVPC meeting was Jan Zogmaister, one of the three Weber County Commissioners. She has been at the last two OVPC meetings and said she has also reviewed the minutes and listened to the tapes of recent OVPC meetings.

To clarify the chain of command, the Weber County Commissioners are elected by the voters and The 3 Weber County Commissioners appoint the OVPC Commissioners.

It appears that the Weber County commission has taken note of the growing opposition to the wide open development issues in our valley. It is a hopeful sign that at least one commissioner as taken the time to attend and oversee the OVPC performance.

This highlights the importance that all residents write or call the 3 Weber County Commissioners on these issues. Let them know what you think!