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Monday, March 26, 2007

March 27th Planning Commission Agenda Summary

Tuesday evenings Planning Commission meeting will likely be a 15 round thriller, as once again, the slate is full. The opening bell rings promptly at 4:30 PM in the Weber County Commission chambers (2380 WASHINGTON BLVD, OGDEN UTAH) and a sell out crowd is expected.

We will offer a brief summary of the agenda items, although it is unlikely the last few items will be heard as the bout will be called at 10 PM. Be there early to get a ring side seat!

And by the way, all will be allowed to speak for or against any of these items for up to 3 minutes, so get your speeches prepared.

To see the entire agenda and description on the County's web site, click here: March 27th OVPC meeting

To see our condendsed version, keep reading.

A. Revised Preliminary Approval for the Eagles Landing at Wolf Creek Subdivision:

Location: 3075 North 5100 East, Eden

Original Preliminary Approval: June 16, 2006, contingent that a wetlands delineation be completed.

The delineation has been completed and some lot locations and road designs are being proposed for slight changes. Also, the revision shows 5 phases instead of 7.

B. Final Approval for Legends at Hawkins Creek, Amended
Location: 1500 E Old Snow Basin Road

Amendments include moving the entry road to the subdivision slightly to the west, adjusting frontage for Lot 21 slightly to the east, adding a utility easement along the east side of Lot 36, adding a trail easement along the north boundary of Lot 41, and slightly adjusting the water tank access road at the end of Desperado Road.

No additional lots will be created and no substantial changes will be made to the original plat.

C. Final Approval for Powder Canyon at Wolf Creek Condominium
No information was provided by the county as part of the agenda. We view this as grounds for tabling since the public was not allowed to review.

D. Final Approval for River Ranch 1st Amended
Location: 8750 E. 1150 S. Huntsville

The proposed lot will occupy 6.7 Acres and it falls within the FV-3 zone which requires a minimum 3 acre lot size.

Culinary water and secondary water will be provided by a private well. Waste water will be provided by septic system.

Approval from the Home Owners Association has been obtained and this lot will become Lot 10.

E. Final Approval of North Fork Acres Subdivision

Location: 2000 E. 5950 N (near South entrance of North Fork Park)

Proposed Subdivision will occupy 7.46 acres and will consist of 2 lots.

Culinary water will be provided by a private well and Waste water treatment will be provided by individual septic systems.

1. Conditional Use Permit for a Culinary Water Resevoir at 8150 E. Hwy. 39, Huntsville
The project (which was tabled at the last meeting) is proposed as a concrete 400,000 gallon Culinary water tank, 62 feet in diameter, and 20 feet tall. It will be built on a knoll and cut into the hillside. The tank will be buried when it is finished and is proposed to be part of the Eden Waterworks Company (thanks again Eden Waterworks.)

It was tabled on March 14 because:
Objective evidence of Eden Waterworks acceptance of the system and a detailed piping plan needed to be provided
Three new options of how to locate the tank in the proposed area and one new option for location the tank in another area needed to be provided.

Eden Waterworks has provided a letter stating their intent to service and manage the culinary water for the Bison Creek Ranch Subdivision and a detailed piping plan will be required by Eden Waterworks before any pipe construction begins.

The petitioner (Destination Eden - aka John Lewis/Barry Scwartz) has submitted new drawings showing the location on the same knoll, but slightly shifted southwest.

Yada yada yada...... For more yada, yada, yada from the County, click here: March 27th OVPC meeting

2. Preliminary Approval for the Rivers Cluster Subdivision

Location: 7800 East Hwy 39 Huntsville

46 Lots currently zoned RE-20 and S-1.

5 lots will be in the S-1 zone, which does not have provisions for clustering. The other 41 lots will be in the R-20 zone which requires at least 30% of the subdivision to have open space. Lot sizes can be reduced to 10,000 square feet if connected to a sewer, and frontage requirements are reduced to 80 feet. Lots will range from 11,000 sq. ft. to 24,000 sp. ft. The stated reason for clustering the lots is to help preserve wetlands and to allow the developer to cash in at the neighbors expense while creating a ghetto in the floodplain (italics are our own comments, not the county planning departments.)

10.82 acres of open space will be provided (unbuildable and wet/flood plain.

Once again, culinary water will be provide by Eden Waterworks and waste water will be provided by the proposed Bison Creek package treatment facility, where the waste will be fit to drink after processing.

A wetland delineation has been completed by BIO-WEST (the same firm preparing the Recreation plan for Weber County - yes, everyone is related.)


3. Preliminary approval for Serendipity at Eden Estates Cluster Subdivision

Location: 3075 N Highway 162, Eden

The proposed project will occupy 45.51 acres and consist of 18 lots, 27.39 acres open space and will be serviced by 3350 feet of public road improvements. It is located in AV-3 Zone which requires 3 acres per dwelling. However, as a cluster, that can be reduced to 10,000 sq. ft. lot size.

The applicant is request MAXIMUM bonus density of 30% based on:
1) Developing a cluster subdivision (10% bonus may be granted)
2) Preservation of two agricultural parcels (15% bonus may be granted)
3) Common area is open to the public (10%)
4) Providing road stubs to adjacent property (5% bonus per stub may be granted, up to a maximum of 10%)

Open space will consist of 6.52 acres of public open space and two agricultural parcels, one of which will provide a 1.57 acre waste water treatment facility.

The Weber County Engineer's office has reviewed the preliminary plat and has some concerns regarding a future sewer easement, storm water runoff, water pressure and septic location.

Like a broken record, Culinary water provided by Eden Waterworks and Secondary water provided by the Liberty Spring Creek Ditch Company. Wastewater by a community waste water system.

While there are more items on the agenda, it is highly unlikely that they will be heard on March 27th and will most likely be tabled.

The building boom is here and it appears only a recession will slow it down. Attend the meeting and let your voice be heard.

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