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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ogden Valley Planning Commission meeting 3/14/07

The OVPC is meeting twice a month due to the large number of items to cover.

The next meeting is Wednesday March 14th at 4:30 at the County Building. The agenda and staff reports are at March 14th OVPC meeting

This meeting is very important as the proposed regional sewer system based at Bison Creek will be reheard, it was tabled at the February meeting due to the lack of time. This is a conditional use permit application and the technical aspects of the proposal are being looked at. Unfortunately the planing and management side of the equation is not, or cannot, be discussed and debated because that is the responsibility of the Weber County Commissioners as they agreed to be the 'body politic' for this project. If the CUP is approved then it will go forth to the County Commissioners and the planning and management issues can be hashed out there.

Plan to attend the meeting to be heard. This is a huge development for OV and South fork specifically.

Ron Gleason

1 comment:

Valley said...

Thanks Mr. Gleason,

Why would the County Commission commit to being the "Body Politic" for a project that had not even received Preliminary Approval?

That being water under the bridge, our understanding is that then Commissioner Caine made the motion to be Body Politic and it was seconded by developer friendly Commissioner Bischoff.

The proposed locale is directly across from existing homes on Highway 39, a scenic byway, we believe. Why not move it to the North side of the property away from existing residences.

A new location would lessen the impact on current residents and new Bison Creek residents would be aware of the location.