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Thursday, March 22, 2007

OVPC meeting outcome

I was not able to attend the meeting it is my understanding that the waste water treatment plant capacity was capped at 225 residential hook ups, they were going for 700. This is a significant issue as the plant can only service Bison Creek, Trappers Crossing and The Rivers. We will have to see if the petitioners decide to appeal the decision to the county commissioners. Can they afford the plant at only 225 connections.

I also understand that the water tank issue was tabled till they determine a new place, lower on the hill, and redo the access road.

Ron Gleason


Anonymous said...

I just heard last night from a reliable source (third hand, but ultimately from Jim Gentry) that the sewer issue will be appealed to the county commissioners in the near future.

Richard Sorensen

Anonymous said...

Thanks Richard. I am not surprised if this is the case. I hope they understand the risk of the appeal.

Ron Gleason