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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another Long Night At The Planning Commission (revised)

Revised March 22, 2007

The tradition of lengthy planning commission meetings continued Wednesday to the benefit of local developers. Destination Eden (John Lewis/Barry Schwartz)received the preliminary go ahead for conditional use permits on two projects related to their monstrous Bison Creek Ranch Subdivision. Other developers received approval for their projects.

The much hyped, state of the art (membrane bio-reactor) waste water treatment facility, aka sewage treatment plant, was approved with a few restrictions. The beautiful building must be moved north of Highway 39 and away from current homes - a small win for those in the neighborhood.

Also, Destination Eden had requested conditional use approval for infrastructure relating to their Culinary water substation, which will hold water provided by Eden Waterworks (thank you Eden Waterworks for promoting the Californication of our Valley). After much discussion, the commission voted to table the storage tank due to concerns over placement. They would like it to be placed on the lower of two adjacent knolls. In typical fashion, Jim Banks and Verl Creager voted against tabling the project, while the other commissioners voted to table. Another small victory.

Destination Eden was not the only one to cash in Wednesday night as Bill Benson (Park City) of Trappers Crossing received approval for a similar culinary project which will also become part of the Eden Waterworks Company.

Trappers Crossing will be in the Huntsville area South and East of Chris' and adjacent to the old Trappers Loop road. As an aside, developers who included Eden resident Ben Toone, made an attempt to purchase Chris' Saloon and the Jackson Fork Inn nearly a year ago. They wanted the property to provide access to their proposed subdivision. When the deal ultimately fell through, they were able to purchase property from the neighbors directly to the east of the Jackson Fork Inn and will now have access to their development.

On a smaller note, Ward Acres received final approval for phase three at 3150 East 4150 North, Liberty. This will be for 5 lots on 18+ acres and will use Liberty water and individual septic systems.

The next Ogden Valley Planning Commission meeting will be March 27, 2007 at 4:30 PM and will be another showdown when another developer (Clark Wangsgard) will be seeking preliminary approval for the Two Rivers Subdivision located just south of Huntsville Town in what has always been known as the "river bottoms." Just like Bison Creek Ranch, this development is proposed in wetlands, hence the name "Two Rivers." It will be important to have a large, standing room only crowd for this meeting as well.

Lastly, we will offer a plug for the "Valley Residents for Responsible Growth" organization. This grass roots group meets regularly at the Ogden Valley Branch of the Weber County Library and provides valuable input (albeit unsolicited) to the planning commission. Members may join by paying a nominal fee of $10. We will try to secure more contact information, so if you are intested send an email to and you will be put you in touch with the group.

Rebecca Palmer from the Standard Examiner did a great job of covering the meeting. To view her article, click here.

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