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Friday, January 15, 2010

Representative Froerer Seeking Input

Representative Gage Froerer is sponsoring legislation again this year that will allow the citizens impacted by the Powder Mountain incorporation the right to vote for or against the incorporation without waiting two years.   

Representative Froerer is also seeking input from his constituents on a variety of issues including the Powderville debacle and he wants to know, "Would you support or oppose this legislation?"

As the Fair and Balanced media source of Ogden Valley, we want our humble readers to be sure to let Gage know your feelings.  Click the link below to answer his brief survey.

Utah Republican Party

Dear Neighbor,
In order to best represent you, as your elected representative, I need your input. Please visit and complete a survey to help me learn how you feel on current issues facing the state. Your comments and ideas will be extremely helpful to me in the coming months as I serve you in the 2010 legislative session.
Please pay particular attention to the "Your Comments" section so I may be better informed on the specific issues that are important to you.
Please also join me at a town meeting on Thursday, January 21 at 7:30 p.m. at the Huntsville City Library.
Thanks for your participation!


Gage Froerer
District 8 Representative

Please visit to complete this important survey

1 comment:

Attend said...

It would have been extremely honest of you to have sent this mailing in time for us to actually ATTEND the meeting in our area....

Unless you didn't really want people to show up?