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Monday, January 25, 2010

Powder Mountain town issue on two dockets

As the 2010 Legislative session kicks off today, the Standard reminds us it has been 2 years since the Powderville fiasco started with a petition for incorporation in January 2008.

For the expert rundown, be sure to visit the Weber County Forum to review Rudi's post.

Then, read the Standard article here: 

Powder Mountain town issue on two dockets

Regarding the bill, Representative Gage Froerer and Senator Alan Christensen said they plan to introduce the bill early to assure its passage.

Although both are hopeful it will pass, Froerer said he knows those pushing for incorporation will be lobbying against the bill.

"Obviously, the developers are going to take a hard stance and will lobby hard," he said.
"They said they spent about $250,000 to $300,000 to fight my legislation and they're prepared to do that again. So I'm not taking this as a slam-dunk because they're going to come out hard against it."

Froerer said the bill would not guarantee resolution of the lawsuits, but thinks much of the developers' incentive to continue litigation would be gone if they did not have two years before citizens could vote to disincorporate.

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