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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Huntsville Parade Attendee Details Accurate Account of July 4th Events

Letter/petition drafted for Standard Examiner

Guest Post by Richard Sorensen

You may have seen the outrage over a float that was in Huntsville's July 4th parade. The media onslaught that ensued was the result of inaccurate reporting on behalf of the Standard Examiner.

Huntsville resident Bruce Ahlstrom has drafted a letter to the Standard and would like to get many signatures. Read it, and if you agree, please sign it.

Regardless of your political belief or if you feel the float was inappropriate, the residents of Huntsville have been unfairly called bigots, racists, toothless basta---s, and worse, and the mayor and council have received threats from a nationwide audience. It all stemmed from irresponsible reporting on behalf of a "credible" publication.

Click here to view and sign the letter.


rudizink said...

Good Job, Ogden Valley Forum.  Once again you prove that the highly intelligent, good and patriotic  lumpencizens of Ogden Valley will not be... and cannot be ignored.

Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve said...

I fear this is symptomatic of the way the election campaigns will play out this year. Radicals on both sides are looking for any excuse to attack. Stay cool Ogden Valley, an election should be celebrated as an event that extends democracy.

PSmith said...

Great reporting Standard Examiner! Small town racism or any racism shall not be tollerated! No matter what the unmoral majority might say or practice in their religion.