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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


UPDATES BELOW (last update 2-14-08 @ 0700 am)

The petition to the Utah legislators has gained incredible momentum and will be delivered to the Lawmakers on Monday, February 18, 2008. Be sure to sign the petition, but also encourage everyone you know to sign the petition. Spouses, neighbors and friends (and even enemies) are certainly opposed to the ill fated incorporation, so get them to visit our site to take a stand.

Also, The new town of "Powderville" has its first newsletter and we are honored to publish it on our forum. Mark Arnold and his public relations posse (aka project managers) have been meeting with small groups of Powderville residents and here is a run down of one of those meetings as written by a resident of the proposed town - the name Powderville certainly fits.

This is a must read for all!

The Town of Powder Mountain…
Our Take of the Neighborhood Meetings
What’s Happening in Powderville?

I was talking to a friend from Eden yesterday and he asked me how the incorporation of Powderville was going. The name kind of stuck on me because it sounded like the area of town that was located on the other side of the tracks. You know, that part of town where the services were not quite so good and those people live there. So forgive me but there it is: Powderville.

This is where a series of meetings was held last weekend in our neighbor’s homes with one of the investors of Powder Mountain and here’s my take on it:

The meetings were organized by: click here for more


We have included a sample email many are sending to their contacts. Copy and paste into your email program and send to everyone you know.

Also, Minor Machman provides a rundown of recent happenings at the Capital, and it does not appear the lesislature is on the side of Ogden Valley residents.

Lastly, be sure to read the comments below regarding the perceived integrity of our greedy developors.

2-14-08 @ 0700 am

We just read Marshall Thompson's article about the Ogden Valley Petition in today's Standard Examiner.


Anonymous said...

Mark Arnold is a liar!!!!!!! The post is exactly right, the Ogden Valley Planning Commission APPROVED their request for the rezone with some limiting conditions that Powder Mountain didn't want to live with. They could not come up with a second road for one. They wanted the full density numbers no matter what it does to the Valley's traffic, pollution, water usage or anything. Get this residents, Powder Mountain does not care one iota about any Valley resident. That is why they have refused to talk to most residents in Ogden Valley.

They can develop that area now without any rezone, they are greedy and will destroy your Valley lifestyle to achieve their goals.

These gutless wonders will lie about anything. Remember, they had their Mole on the OVPC all along. She sold out the Valley for a big chunk of money and power for her family.

They are also dragging many residents into their town kicking and screaming against their will. What ever happened to democracy where people get to vote on their own fate?

Minor Machman said...

Even if a few out of sight efforts fail to put a stop to Powderville, I listened (and you can too) to the debate on the House and Senate floor over HB466 back in 2006. I counted about zero, as in none, in the way of honest public debate. This strikes me as not only grossly inept on the part of our representative and senator, but considering that I can also find no evidence that the Constitutional Review Commisssion even heard the bill makes me even more suspicious.

I think the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution has an Equal Protection Clause which could probably be used to successfully challenge this grotesque Bill and repeal it. This Bill is so bad it is not posssible to believe it could ever pass legal muster. It defies common law.

Any lawyers out there? Come on people I know you are out there. Let us hear from you when we need you.

ozboy said...

I have been wondering the same thing Machman. On the face of it this whole concept seems to be unconstitutional in that it denies the very people that will make up the town the ability to have a voice in their own town government.

This should be a relatively simple thing for a constitutional attorney to determine.

I was under the impression that Utah had instituted a procedure to vet all bills for their constitutional correctness after there were so many goof ball bills from the likes of Buttars that had been shot down in the past.

Dennis said...

boycot pow mow