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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gage Froerer SB25 and SB23

The latest information from Gage Froerer on SB25 and SB53. SB 25 will be pushed out of committee Monday. Gage will be running an amendment to make the effective date Jan. 1, 2008. Gage feels we have a 50/50 chance of passing the bill with his amendment in committee and even less on the floor, but he wants to send a message to the courts in case it goes that far.

The top priority is to get a bill passed to correct HB466 with a retro provision if we were able to get one, would guarantee a court case and the new bill would be held off from becoming effective until the court case was settled.

Gage feels the best course is, if necessary, file a suit from the citizens group on the basis of our right to vote. The County and State likewise will not fight this effort and we would stand a better chance of having a judge rule on our behalf and put the burden on the backs of the developers to pursue litigation.

The Attorney General’s office does not review bills prior to enactment. That job falls on the Attorney’s in legislative research who have found it to be constitutional but have said there is case law on both sides of this debate and they feel it could be overturned with a lawsuit.

Gage wants everyone to know he is not backing down on this issue on the basis of the retro. He firmly believe that we need a replacement to HB466 first and foremost, then we can deal with Powder Mountain.

If we fall on the sword of retro and lose the battle, we will be stuck with
HB466 for another year and that is not acceptable to Gage or us.

He will keep us posted on SB 25 in Committee.

Gage is concerned that there is a misunderstanding of SB53. In fact the end result would be that planning and zoning boards would have a higher profile.

Larry Zini


Lionel said...

Gage needs to go.

He is part of the realtor/developer lobby that has taken over the State Legislature and made a mockery of the law making process in Utah. Over the last few years the realtor/developer interests have practically re-written all of the land use laws to suit themselves and their clients. They have repeatedly taken power over land use issues away from the cities and counties, always to favor developers. They are at the heart of the outrageous property tax hikes we all suffer from. They represent political self dealing at its worse.

Where was Gage when the good citizens of the valley were shined on last week at the committee meeting. He sat there and participated in shutting down his own constituents from the valley that had put in such an effort to be there and be heard at the early morning meeting. Instead of voicing outrage over the whole Powderville land grab he gave his approval of the crime by his actions to shut up his neighbors.
His latest feigned interest is only a disingenuous effort to try and appear as though he represented the people of the Valley when his actions prove otherwise.

Take a little time and listen to the tapes of that meeting if you want to know who Gage really represents.

Elect a Republican, elect a Democrat, but for for hecks sake elect someone with integrity that will represent the people not their realtor/developer cronies.

It is time the people's voice is heard on Capitol hill and its for darn sure it isn't going to be coming from Gage Froerer's mouth.

Don Quixote said...

I agree with the above comment.
Where was our representation when this whole thing bagan and the vote was 66 to 0? It is clear the fix was in and "Representative Froerer" was a part of it without so much as a single word spoken to stop this obvious illegal and gross legislation.

You want more? Vote for this guy. He is either corrupt, stupid, or incompetent. If you like having someone corrupt or stupid or incompetent then you should vote to keep him. If not you need to pick another candidate. This is not rocket science people.