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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Conditional approval of the Powder Mountain Rezone

The Ogden Valley Planning Commission (OVPC) conditionally approved the Powder Mountain rezone last night. The VCRD has opposed the Powder Mountain Rezone petition as originally submitted. However, when the OVPC approved the rezone last night they attached several significant conditions to be implemented by the Powder Mountain developers. These conditions addressed many of the objectionable aspects of the rezone.

The two most significant conditions of the 16 proposed by the OVPC are:

1. The density numbers (dwellings) are to remain at the same level they would have been without the rezone. This would mean NO increase in density (dwellings) from the rezone.

2. A second permanent access road must be constructed to the resort when the Weber and Cache County units (resident, condo and hotel rooms) combined reach 895. A second road is in the best interest of both the developer and Valley residents, along with resort visitors as it will drastically improve safety and traffic flow problems.

Other conditions proposed by the OVPC include: wildlife corridors and buffers, a future waste water treatment facility, a reduction to one 18 hole golf course, an employee housing plan, wildfire prevention, evacuation and suppression plan, no private, corporate or commercial air transportation into the resort (excluding resort air operations medical and heli-ski operations), and all construction is to use Best Management Practices.

The Weber County Commission will now consider the rezone petition and proposed conditions. It is up to all residents of Ogden Valley and Weber County to insure that the Weber County Commission accepts those conditions. Without the limits on density and the second access road, this rezone will destroy the density control efforts and result in traffic increases that the Valley cannot accept. All citizens should write or call the 3 Weber County Commissioners and make their feelings known.

In another action last night, the OVPC denied Ron Catanzaro's request to add a four carport structure to the Edgewater
Beach Resort Condo Development.

Your VCRD Staff


Anonymous said...

Just a question that maybe one of your readers can answer. Do conditions require State and County approval of the design of "second access" road prior to construction of any new units. It is difficult for me to envision an ASSHTO and environmentally approvable route to the site.

Larry Zini said...

As the condition is written now it would be built to Weber County standards. The VCRD has requested in our input to the OVPC conditions that it be done to UDOT standards. When Corey Pope of UDOT was asked if they would build the road now in use to Powder Mountain, he said they would not due to the severe grades.