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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The Powder Mountain rezone was approved last evening with strong conditions (restrictions) for approval. From this morning's Standard, Marshall Thompson offers an overview.

Jamie Lythgoe ultimately abstained from the vote and Jim Banks was not present, but the other five commissioners voted in favor of the rezone.

Check back for a more detailed update, and be sure to read the comments below. What say you Ogden Valley?

UPDATE: 11:25 am

Blogmeister's NOTE:

We have tried in vein to find the home page for the Weber Fire District through Google and the Weber County Home page. If the district has a web site, it is not easily accessible. Long story short, we could not find an online version of the "Notice of public Hearing," but we did receive this email today.

* *The Weber Fire District is proposing to increase its property tax

* If the proposed budget is approved, this would be an increase of
16.50% above the Weber Fire District property tax budgeted revenue
for the prior year.
* The Weber Fire District tax on a $265,000 residence would increase
from $163.82 to $169.16, which is $5.33 per year.
* The Weber Fire District tax on a $265,000 business would increase
from $297.86 to $307.56, which is $9.70 per year.

All concerned citizens are invited to public hearing on the tax increase.

Date/Time: Tuesday, December 11, 2007 at 6:00 p.m.

Location: 2023 W. 1300 N., Farr West City, Utah

To obtain more information regarding the tax increase, citizens may
contact Weber Fire District at 801-782-3580.


Valley said...

These comments moved to this post to provide continuity....

Outraged citizen of Ogden Valley said...

Well, I was unable to read the details but I see that the commission, once again, gave in to the developers and approved the rezone. Hopefully with provisions. Yet another sad day for the simple folks of the valley. We returned here a few years back after a career that kept the family moving a lot with the thoughts to finally settled down and grow roots. We had seen the growth in the Valley but had also carefully studied the limitations on growth set forth in the master plan. What I failed to account for was a commission that would fail time and time again to say no to the developers, a commission that would continously ignore the master plan at the expense of the good residents of the Valley. Now, the writing is on the wall. I do not see us being able to stay here and grow roots after all. Heck, with the tax increases we have already seen, the ones that are now coming for certain, water restrictions, traffic issues, and a certain shift in the cultural values of the valley I know that a lot of good folks are going to be forced out to. Coupled to that is the fact that our children will not be able to afford to live in the valley either and I see a massive exodus of quite a few of the original families out of the valley. I believe the commission has now made it clear that they have no use for the opinions of the good residents of Ogden Valley and seek only to exploit the Valley for all it is worth. Such a shame that the commission repeatedly fails to show that they understand the meaning of public service. I wish I could have been at the meeting but work and college requirements kept me elsewhere. But, as sad as it is I do not believe my presence or that of any other concerned citizen would have made a difference. I wonder though, how many other residents tried to reach the commission with their opinions only to have thier emials returned undelivered like mine??

Tue Dec 11, 06:38:00 AM 2007

Ron Gleason said...
The rezone was passed *without* increasing the density. The rational provided, and one that I agree with, allow the petitioner flexibility in placing the residential and commercial nodes with no new density and many conditions. Furthermore they did not want to deny the request so that the commissioners make all the decisions, we have seen that the commissioners seem to view the valley as a cash cow to fund other Weber County needs.

The OVPC was in a tough position with no assistance from the county personnel. The process for reviewing these type of projects needs to be reviewed.

Tue Dec 11, 07:02:00 AM 2007

Anonymous said...

This outraged citizen will now remove his foot from his mouth. I should have waited until I saw the details to comment. I guess I am still quite irate at the tax increases we have endured, the inability to reach the commission, add in the ugly monster of Wolf Creek that is absorbing a whole mountainside and the approval for the rock crushing plant and I quess I am a bit sensitive.

rotorharnessforsale said...

While Jamie did abstain from the vote she only did this after the other 4 commissioners had voted YES. Very very weak in my opinion.

Now it is imperative that everyone communicates with the county commissioners and have them uphold the approval. The commissioners in their power have the ability to ignore any and all decisions and approvals that the OVPC put forth.

I am communicating this main issue to the commissioners; allow the developer flexibility with their plans *but* do NOT increase density at all and ensure that a second year rouond ingress and egress road is available before the 895th room is available.

Save our Valley said...

We agree that Jamie's choice to abstain was a weak attempt to save face. And to "outraged," there is no need to pull your foot out of your mouth. It is sad the Planning commissioners have to proactively act because they are afraid of what the county commissioners may shove our way.

The sad reality is that the Planning commissioners are only making a recommendation and the Commissioners can throw out any or all of the recommendations.