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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Input on Powder Mountain Extended to 9 AM

Weber County has extended the deadline to 9 AM on December 5 for e-mails to be received on Powder Mountain’s rezone request. These e-mails will be included in the packets provided to the Ogden Valley Commissioners for their review prior to their next meeting.

The updated Powder Mountain report is now on Weber County’s web site at:

Scroll down and choose Agenda, Ogden Valley Township, December 10 and then choose Regular. Then scroll down to Item #5 under Regular and click on the ZP number to see the report. Toward the end of the updated Powder Mountain report is the Staff Recommendation section which includes 15 items being considered for inclusion in any rezone approval.

Send your comments before 9 AM tomorrow on the rezone and the 15 items under consideration to Ms. Sherri Sillito at: Ask her to provide each of the OVPC commissioners a copy of your e-mail and include your name and address.

Your VCRD Staff

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