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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Huntsville Town Passes resolution opposing Powder Mountain's rezone request and Merry Christmas

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and we wish you a prosperous New Year. We appreciate the many readers and contributors who have made the Ogden Valley Forum one of the most visited web sites in Ogden Valley (we think it is the most popular site, but are not quite ready to go out that far on the limb - if you know of a more popular site, please let us know).

2008 is sure to be exciting and we promise to be right in the middle of the happenings in the Valley as well as those behind the scenes (or even behind closed doors).

To that end, Kudo's to the Huntsville Town Council who recently passed a
resolution "adamantly" opposing the Powder Mountain rezone request.

While we at the Forum are trying to keep Ogden Valley our little secret, many local and national forces are working against us. This national AAA article details our ski resorts touting exactly what the developers of Powder Mountain want to change, "no lines and miles of uncrowded terrain."

We are also glad to have the interest of "Save our Canyons" and their informative web site has an informational archive of articles related to Powder Mountain. The Utah State University Campus newspaper has even weighed in over the years.

Best wishes for 2007

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