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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Invisible Residents of Ogden Valley?

As residents of Ogden Valley we wonder why the Powder Mountain developers and their staff are so intent on interaction with the citizens of Cache County, but have largely ignored Ogden Valley residents.

Paul Morris, Powder Mountain attorney was quoted recently on the Cache County website, as saying a road on the Cache County side of the development does not make sense at this time. He stated it would be extremely costly, and there is property that is privately owned that creates gaps in the connection for a road on the Cache County side.

Another Powder Mountain representative, Lyle Hillyard said “he and Craig Cox met with the Paradise Town Council (Cache County) and there will be a town meeting around the second week in January sponsored by Paradise for the citizens to have input and receive information about the Powder Mountain proposal.”

Mr. Hillyard also stated “he understands that the concerns are that Paradise doesn't want a road to Powder Mountain through Paradise and he doesn't either. The second concern is the watershed. As long as people continue to come through Weber County, which is the plan, it will minimize the watershed impact.” (How does that statement make you feel as Ogden Valley residents?)

These statements indicate that Powder Mountain has and will spend a great deal of time discussing the Powder Mountain development with Cache County citizens to allay their fears about a road (that will not be constructed) and watershed issues in their county, but has not shown that same deference to the Ogden Valley citizens regarding the Vista Road and all other affected roads in Ogden Valley. To our knowledge, no meetings have been held by Powder Mountain officials with citizens of Eden, Liberty, or Huntsville or the citizens of Ogden Valley as a whole. This is a noteworthy lack of communication since 75% of the development, including 100% of the vehicle traffic and construction traffic will use Ogden Valley roads.

What say you Powder Mountain? How about a meeting for all residents at the Junior High in Eden?

Larry and Sharon Zini


Anonymous said...

Maybe they figure it's not worth their effort becuase they may already have the wink and nod approval from someone in the know.

SunOVOwner said...

Powder Mountain mailed invitations to all Sunridge and Vista property owners for open house format meetings that were held at the North Ogden Library on Thursday and Friday, November 15th (primarily for Sunridge owners) and 16th (primarily for Vista owners). During both open houses, a Powder Mountain representative went over development plans (at the time the goal was for a higher density development via pending rezone). Approximate development boundaries were identified via a large map. In both meetings, one of the goals in getting everyone together appeared to be to develop a "good neighbor" relationship between Powder Mountain and both communities. Further discussion about the "Emergency Summer Access Road" that would potentially go through both Vista and Sunridge was discussed. Phase #1 was said to involve breakaway gates, allowing access in/out of Sunridge/Vista, allowing people to exit and emergency equipment to enter. There was additional discussion regarding permanent, year around access via the currently gated (Weber county) road going through both Sunridge and Vista.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear they met with someone. I notice there is no mention of trying to meet with Ogden Valley residents who will bear the entire burden of traffic and pollution if this rezone is approved. All three towns will be impacted with these problems yet no attempt was made to meet or discuss with Valley residents. I challenge Powder Mountain to hold an open forum at the High School on this issue to allow all citizens to respond.

Anonymous said...

Umm, if we want a meeting with Powder Mountain for the Valley Residents why don't we ask for it to be IN THE VALLEY. Why run into town for this. It's our valley they are trying to screw up, they need to come to us.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, we meant to say to be held at the Junior HIgh School in Eden.

No Pow Mow said...

They have no interest in talking with the valley residents as they think the developer friendly commissioners are in their hip pocket. Just say no commissioners.

Miguel de Cervantes said...

And remember these pro development Commissioners and Hillyard come election time. In fact remember all of these Realtor Association connected jerks come election time. We need to have long memories until they come up for election and then only elect people with character and no dog in any hunt and who will take no gifts or bribes from anyone. They are rare but these people are available.