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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Powder Mountain and More

As was stated yesterday, the County's new email system curiously has been having some issues. Be sure to send Mr. Jim Gentry an email ASAP and ask that your message be passed on to the Ogden Valley Planning Commissioners.

Interestingly, Powder Mountain has been on an email campaign of their own. Click here to view an email sent to Powder Mountain employees and supporters urging them to send a letter using a simple "Copy and Paste" strategy. Surely the OVPC can see through their spam email campaign.

Speaking of Spam campaigns, you may remember infamous Ogden Resident and develop at all costs Bob Geiger, of Ski industry manufacturer Descente, N.A., in his spam mailing campaign last week.

The rezone request is fraught with problems (traffic, water, etc.) and the developers were aware of the zoning when they made the purchase. The OVPC (and the Weber County Commissioners) can simply deny the request and require Powder Mountain to develop under existing zoning.

On another note, we understand a productive work session was held last evening with legislator's Froerer, Christensen and several local residents with regard to property tax solutions. Check back later for an update along with details on working groups that were created for various proposals.

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That's all for now. What say you Ogden Valley?


Anonymous said...

My email to Gentry yesterday got kicked back also. How are we supposed to get our comments through to the commission when the email system keeps kicking them back. Something does not seem right here. I feel that my voice is being stifled.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest that anyone who has their e-mails kicked back, write to the 3 Weber County Commissioners and complain. They are the top officers in the County and should be able to get this technical problem resolved. Their addresses are on the blog and if those get kicked back, call them on the phone!