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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Powder Mountain "plans in detail" and Huntsville Resident offers a lesson in forgiveness

From today's Standard, we read Marshall Thompson's "Resort plans in detail." He reviews Powder Mountain's washed up publicity campaign and their hopes of setting "the record straight." Among other points, the developers down play the threat of litigation against Cache County and Western America Holding Company's Lee Daniels 'is confident that a solution [to the rezone] can be found that pleases everybody.'

As part of their "new" campaign, Powder Mountain has been making calls to sympathetic Valley residents in an attempt to drum up support for their massive rezone proposal.

We have heard many concerns, and even the results of an extensive study about traffic issues, but that is just one potential (and life threatening) issue. Water is an equally important issue as they have plans for at least two golf courses.

One item they have conveniently failed to mention is that of snow making. Powder Mountain currently touts "real snow," but will certainly add snow making in the future to support their 10,000+ daily skiers and boarders. Between water hog golf courses in the summer and snow making in the winter, they are sure to have a severe , year round impact on the Ogden Valley below.

The Tuesday Planning commission meeting may very well be one of the most important of the last decade. Be sure to pass this information on to EVERYONE, sign the petition, contact the commissioners and ATTEND the meeting on Tuesday.

4:30 PM

Weber County Commission Chambers

2380 Washington Blvd.

Ogden, Utah

Lastly, from the Salt Lake Tribune, we read of Huntsville resident Ben Howard's incredulous lesson in forgiveness towards the driver who took the lives of his wife and children.

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