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Friday, November 30, 2007

Status of Powder Mountain Rezone Petition

At last night’s meeting of the OVPC the Commissioners discussed 14 possible “Conditions” that they may include as part of any approval of the rezone request from Powder Mountain developers. The “Conditions” will be posted on the County’s web site. However, per Ms. Sillito they may not be posted until Monday, or Tuesday of next week! Staff will attempt to have the information updated sooner but there is no guarantee that it will be done before then.

When checking for the “Conditions” discussed go to:

Then scroll down to section Pending Projects, choose Re-zoning Petitions and then Powder Mountain. Be sure to read the November 29 report containing the discussed “conditions”. Earlier reports do not contain the most current definition or list of the conditions discussed during the meeting.

Please understand that the discussion last evening is not a “given” for how the Commissioners will vote on this rezone request. They may vote to deny the request altogether, vote to grant with some density reduction and/or, some or all of the “Conditions”.

Any comments you wish to make to the OVPC concerning these “Conditions” MUST be received by Sherri Sillito no later than Tuesday, Dec. 4 at 10 AM to be included in their packet. This deadline was set to allow review of your comments prior to the next OVPC meeting on Dec. 10 at which time the Commissioners hope to vote on the petition. Per Ms. Sillito, any comments sent after 10 AM on Dec. 4 will be faxed to the Commissioners or handed to them on Dec. 10 prior to their meeting. So they may not have an opportunity to review and consider your input.

Contact information for Ms. Sillito is:

If the updated “Conditions” are available for review soon enough, please get your comments into the Commissioners before Tuesday, Dec. 4 at 10 AM.

Your VCRD staff

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