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Monday, November 26, 2007

Infamous Ogdenite Bob Geiger Solicits support for Powder Mountains rezone

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Tuesday's OVPC meeting is getting bigger and more important than ever. As we stated yesterday, Powder Mountain has been phone calling for support and now the infamous Bob Geiger, of Ski industry manufacturer Descente, N.A., has been soliciting support via SPAM email.

To view his heartwrenching plea of support, click here:

Are we going to continue to have Ogden guide the direction of "Ogden's playground"? AKA, our HOME!! We at the forum say NO WAY Bobbie!!!

Also, be sure to read the letter from Marian Martin regarding Ski Lake's Edgewater Resort proposal.

UPDATED: 11/27/07 @ 10:00 am

Click here to read a letter to the OVPC from Peter Turner, local resident/owner of DPS Skis, a ski manufacturer as well as a letter from Richard Sorensen of Huntsville.


Anonymous said...

Gee, does Mr. Geiger Live in Ogden Valley? It is obvious that many that support this size of a development have no problem with the thought of thousands of cars and buses crawling about our Valley leaving their hydrocarbons and other pollutants. This coupled with the tremendous water requirements for two 18 hole golf courses and possible snow making machines, tells you that he is not worried at all about impact for the valley residents.

The lure of tax revenue and growth should be tempered with some common sense, the original zoning provides for adequate development.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell does Geiger think he is?

Viktor said...

I was very interested in reading the nut job Geiger's ramble about Powder Mtn. Unfortunately I couldn't get the link to work.

Bobby does indeed provide for some interesting and cheap entertainment with his bat shit crazy approach. He appears to be on the verge of coming unhinged in almost everything he does. It will be interesting to see how his campaign stealing case comes out. If you're not familiar with it, he has been charged in So. Ogden court with stealing Hansen and Wicks campaign signs!

Real class act this guy is!!

JP said...

"blah blah blah ... and the pristine quality of the land set Powder Mountain apart from all other resorts."

So let's subdivide the whole damn mountain to build houses, condos, hotels, golf courses and horse parks all over it.

As an Ogden resident, I know all about Bob Geiger and the brilliant ideas he has attached himself to. Let's add this one to the list.

Anonymous said...

Since when does the valley need "economic growth" and more tax dollars? I ask you, how does this improve it? It is perfect the way it is. Leave it alone and inflict your legacy elsewhere. What a 9-ball!

Anonymous said...

I am writing regarding the future development of the Powder Mountain Resort area because I believe in the preservation of open space, sustainability of our natural resources and maintaining pristine areas for the enjoyment of future generations.

The proposed development of Powder Mountain represents it’s downfall. Why these “Improvements” are needed is beyond me. Would we develop Yosemite Valley or Yellowstone Park to “improve” them? Why then allow this irresponsible development to happen at Powder Mountain. The one thing that puts it above other developed resorts is it’s “grass roots” feel and un-crowed slopes, roads and facilities. It still maintains pristine areas as well.

I have seen this type of rampant, uncontrolled development destroy other ski resort areas. Mammoth Mountain California is a prime example. It used to be a resort town that was pleasant to visit and fairly un-crowded and affordable. As soon as it was sold to Intrawest (Canadian Developer) things began to change for the worst. Now, with it’s high density development mentality, it has become a “city” complete with traffic, congestion, crime, pollution and a very crowded feel. There was no regard for infrastructure or maintaining any open space and now they are paying the price. Also, there were no requirements to incorporate green building practices, which promotes sustainability.

I have actually worked with developers in the past and trust me, they are not worried about secondary effects of their projects, only their bottom line profit margin.

I realize that economic success of any area requires change. But this type of change, in the long run, is detrimental to Powder Mountain and the surrounding areas. Allowing any new construction should be kept to a bare minimum if at all.

I beg you, if this development is allowed to progress, then please, please find a way to curb/downsize it to reduce negative impact.