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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Guest Post From Frank C

Frank C said.........

OK, I can no longer curb my fingers. So many subjects, so little time and space.

OVPC Members: the vast majority of the time, the commission appoints friends, or political clones, or friends of contributors. Every once in a while they screw up and make a truly sensible appointment, unwittingly. Keith Rounkles and Bill Siegel are two that have distinguished themselves.

Sam Bellarosa and I once applied for the OVPC and we were both rejected without even an acknowledgment of our apps. We were told confidentially that we had "conflicts of interest." What a cruel joke. See Tryge Simpson, Jamie Lythgoe, Greg Graves, Jim Banks, et al, et al, et al. By the way, I attended that GEM meeting, too, and heard commissioner Z hold forth about the many safeguards in place to counter conflicts of interest. Yeah, well, first you have to be able to recognize one, lady.

Zogmaister: speaks platitudes, screws public EVERY TIME. Do not trust her; do not support her; do not vote for her. I have a buck says she'll vote for the Academy when the time comes. She is a shallow political hack, a shill for the development lobby, an intellectual lightweight, and a waste of county money.

Green Valley: what an interesting way to allow commercial development in a residential zone! I was at first sympathetic to the project because of its purpose, but it has huge problems in addition to the admittedly nimby concerns: 1)it is spot zoning; 2)it has the unintended consequence of allowing commercial enterprises in residential zones (not that that has ever stopped our developer-commissioners before); and 3)isn't there a directly competing ordinance specifically prohibiting a business in a residential zone other than an at-home business? There probably are areas here in the Valley where this thing fits, right now. Why screw up the zoning scheme (again) for this one project? We will be signing the petition today.

Me as candidate (for anything): not happening. I can perform as valuable a function from the outside, shedding light on the evil on the inside, without having to fret about being in the minority for my entire term. Don't need the limelight; don't need the fawning supporters; don't need the lobbyists' "favors"; don't even need the salary and perks.

The VCRD: a good thing. Full disclosure--I'm on the board. It will take more that just a few individuals to cure the hot mess that is Weber County politics. The VCRD is a start. Support it. Maybe it will be able to make a difference.

Last: wake up! Stand up! Speak up! The Weber County Commissioners are either delusional enough to believe that people actually approve of what they're doing to this Valley because the people don't call them out, or they know what they're doing to the Valley, know that underneath it all people don't like it, and they just don't give a damn. Either way, it will keep happening until they are stopped, and not of their own accord.

I know, I know: just my opinions, and I could be wrong. But I'm not.


Native said...

Excellent post Frank C. Gary Allen is one to add to the list of OVPC commissioners who have distinguished themselves.

Native said...

By the way, what happened to Keith Rounkles? He wasn't at the last meeting.

Archie Leach said...

Rounkles resigned as far as I know. He was so disgusted with the Weber County Commissioners after the Powder Mountain fiasco, I think he felt betrayed.

Time for a change said...

Frank C, thanks for the clarity. This November's election will offer the best opportunity to effect a major shift from the pro developer/real estate Weber County Commission to a people and taxpayer sensitive County Commission.

All we have to do is throw out Jan Zogmaister and elect Drew Johnson in her place for seat A. Also elect Amy Wicks for Seat B on the Weber County Commission. Those two doable tasks are in your hands as voters.

Just think of the power transfer from the old way of doing things to a new a refreshing view from two of the three commissioners! Hard to pass up!