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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Possible stimulus money to be spent in Ogden Valley for High Speed Internet

Guest post by Broadband Guru

As part of last year's big stimulus bill, $7.2 billion was appropriated to: "expand broadband access and adoption in communities across the U.S".

Qwest Corporation applied for $348,806,468 dollars in the Winter 2010 Broadband Initiatives Program (BIP) round 2 to deploy "last mile" broadband directly to consumers with speeds "up to 40Mbps". The details
are in application id 4823 found in this PDF file:

The application covers rural areas in 14 states, including Ogden Valley!
The Ogden Valley area is designated "UT587" in their application.

You can see a map of the Ogden Valley areas (pretty much the whole valley) that would benefit if the the Qwest application is approved here


Kevin said...

That would be incredibly great!! Thanks Obama!

Joe Cool said...

Kevin, you should be thanking the taxpayers. That is where the money is coming from if it every gets here.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope so, it's time to get fast internet up here