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Friday, July 09, 2010


Guest Post by Laurel Kirkham

A recent Ogden Standard Examiner article thinks the Green Valley Academy is a great idea for Ogden Valley, and that many of us Valley citizens are just NIMBY"S (not in my backyard). We have had it shoved down our throats several times about the kind of kids that will NOT be taken by the academy. WE GET IT!!! Only the Forrest Gump kids of the rich and famous...

That is not our major concern. This is a business, a big business, set to be plunked down right in the middle of a rural neighborhood.

The real problems with the Green Valley Academy are in the potential for a huge facility and in the major lack of frastructure. The proposed site sits on 20 acres and if the Ogden Valley Planning Commission gets their way, 50 kids could be allowed into this Residential Treatment Facility (which is a family home at this time). Dr. Balmer has expressed interest in purchasing the back 20 acres owned by Tryge Simpson. We could now have the possibility of a 100 bed facility, handed over, courtesy of Ogden Valley Planning. To date, Balmer has only requested 36 beds, but the possibility will be there anyway, and really, who could resist? If the 20 acre field next to you goes up for sale and is at least a mile away from the Simpson place, look out, you may end up with a business next door.

Many of us invested in the FV3 zoning, thinking we would never have to worry about having a business next door. SILLY, SILLY US!!!! This is a huge change in zoning, all for one piece of property, and for the good of a few, but not the many!! Come on people, WAKE UP!!!! Write letters to the paper, the Commissioners and anyone who will listen.

Blogmeister Note:  Be sure to read this comment thread relating to the most recent Ogden Valley Planning commission to read about the direction the Planning commissioners are going with the proposed academy.  Ron Gleason and "Danna" have provided many important details of the meeting.

There are many more recent comment threads that are informative and worthy of reading.

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Sammy Seldon said...

This is a classic example of why we need people on the Weber County Commission that respect Ogden Valley and its residents.

The current group ignores standing rules just to give in to Powder Mountain. They ignore current rules to give in to the Helicopter service. They don't ask the county assessor to make any serious effort to collect the 12-14 Million in delinquent property taxes every year, mostly from large businesses and property owners.

This group of commissioners will go on selling this Valley down the river unless we vote them out of office. Bischoff is gone, but Kerry Gibson is more of the same. That is why he is supported by Gage Froerer and the real estate group. Drew Johnson and Amy Wicks represent a change that is needed. As the VCRD saying goes, "speak up for what you want, or take what you get."