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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Planning Commissioners Appointed

Has The County Commission Lost Their Mind?  

Apparently being a tax paying citizen is not a requirement to serve on the planning commission.

Guest post from a concerned citizen

According to this morning's Standard-Examiner, two new members were appointed to the Ogden Valley Planning Commission.  One of them, John Howell, is a long time valley resident. The other, Tryge Simpson, stands to gain PERSONALLY if his property is sold to the people who want to open the Green Valley Academy on his property.

This conflict of interest is absolutely unacceptable and completely outrageous. We cannot take this lying down.

Blogmeister's note:

The issue of a conflict is not something new to the Ogden Valley Planning Commission.  Many will recall the lengthy saga of Jamie Lythgoe, granddaughter of former Powder Mountain owner Alvin Cobabe.  Jamie was appointed just prior to Powder Mountain applying for a massive rezone and when the issue of a conflict was brought up, Ms. Lythgoe refused to recuse herself.

As for Mr. Simpson's appointment, it is widely known that the directors of the Green Valley Academy would like to purchase the home of Tryge Simpson (rumor has it that the folks at the GVA have Mr. Simpson's property under a purchase contract).  Unfortunately, the property taxes for the said property are delinquent to the tune of $6,458.24.  An adjacent parcel is delinquent $175.31.

Wouldn't one think you would have to be in good standing with the County in order to be appointed to this position of responsibility?

What say ye humble folks of Ogden Valley about all of this?


Not All Bad said...

Look at the bright side. At least the Commission was wise enough to reject the application of real estate industry shill Laura Warburton:

NEWSBEAT 6/30/10

Bickford Schemckler said...

WOW! What a surprise, a conflict of interest based on the appointment for the OVPC by the Weber County Commissioners? As mentioned, they are the bright leaders that appointed Jamie Lythgoe to the OVPC when she told them her family didn't own any more property at Powder Mountain.

When it was revealed later that they did own over 200 acres, you would assume she would have been asked to step down, but they wouldn't even admit to the mistake they made in appointing her. In fact, they never asked her to recuse herself from voting on the Powder Mountain issue.

Voters don't need any clearer example of why we need to get rid of Zogmaister and not replace Bischoff with more of the same insane poor leadership from Kerry Gibson.


Zoggy must go said...

Are they really that stupid or are they thumbing their nose at us?


Both, and also crooked as snakes. These people wouldn't recognize a conflict of interest if it bit them in the butt, and simply don't care about doing their jobs in the tax collection department. They can always go to the well for more, from those of us who do pay, unlike their cronies.

They do not deserve to hold those offices, and the sheep should be ashamed to vote for them.

no mind to lose said...

Has the County Comm's lost their minds?

They never had any thing to lose

No More Mr. Nice Guy said...

Now all you folks who have been crying the blues for poor Mr. Simpson, how do you feel now? He doesn't pay his taxes, he screws his neighbors, and now ding.... ding... ding.... he gets appointed to the Ogden Valley Planning Commission? Is this someone of good, honest character? How can he even look at himself in the mirror, OR HIS NEIGHBORS in the face?

FIGHT like HELL Ogden Valley. This is wrong and you know it. If this Treatment Center goes in life will be miserable for all of them, including Tryge Simpson. Sorry to be so harsh but I am tired of being nice!

Greg Anderson said...

One reason I use my real name all of the time when it comes to this issue is that everyone (including Tryge Simpson) knows exactly what I'm saying. Tryge knows me. Nothing is being said behind anyone’s back. And I'm not going to alter my behavior (like deciding whether to be a nice guy or not, for example) because of this.

This appointment smells absolutely corrupt. I will oppose it openly and civilly. Anonymity tempts people to do and say foolish things. Stand up and be counted, people. Let the commission know exactly who we are. My name is Greg Anderson.

Wise Guy said...

Good luck, Mr. Anderson, the last time this happened in the Valley, the Weber County Commissioners that appointed the previous conflict of Interest winner, would not respond to any questions or make any explanations. They could not care less about what the citizens of Ogden Valley think.

Greg Anderson said...

And those commissioners must love it when we fight amongst ourselves.

Pie in the sky said...

I don't see anyone fighting, others are expressing their rights of free expression.

Why don't you just go down to Ogden and have a heart to heart talk with the Commissioners about those appointments, I am sure they will change their minds and appoint someone else.

We will all look for a full report on the blog of your success.

Danna said...

On page 80 of the June 22, 2010 OVPC packet…

“We understand the county is obligated to uphold The Federal Fair Housing Act. Additionally, recent case law supports the notion that the county could be responsible for bearing the burden of proof if the community determines the proposed use does not fit in a certain area. Understandably, this takes time and resources. As a result, the concerned citizens of Ogden Valley would like to assist Weber County in saying a lawful and emphatic NO to changing the current ordinances. We welcome anyone who is willing to build a home and assist 8 genuinely disadvantaged children to improve their lives under the existing FV-3 Zone.”

Boy, was I naïve! This is the first time I have ever forayed in the arena of politics. Our attorney, Brad Cahoon of Snell and Wilmer, assisted us to understand what our goal should be. I was advised by Gage Froerer , that we should try to work within the system without lawyers, consequently, we terminated representation. Silly me…I’m speechless!

Johnny Castle said...


That is the "golden hand" of Gage Froerer at work again! (more like Cancer hand)

This is the way these entrenched politicians do their deeds, they persuade citizens NOT to use all legal means or petitions to fight the corruption to insure that people like Mr. Simpson will get bailed out by the biased decisions of the County Commission. It is like a big County Club for these people where the regular people who are the most affected have no say.

Remember too, the same Mr. Simpson will be on the OVPC for a while now thanks to our current Weber County Commissioners.

This is another example on why we need to throw the existing political leadership out.

Teri said...

One should not forget that the chair of the Ogden Valley Planning Commission, Greg Graves, is related by marriage to Tryge Simpson. Nothing to see here...move along!!!!

Grieselda said...

Isn't that a pretty picture now? Both Graves and Simpson of the OVPC have a vested interest in the success of Simpson's grand plan for his broken down house and the school.

They Weber County Commissioners should really be proud of their appointments. They don't even know the meaning of "Conflict of Interest".